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Boots.........Rain or Cowboy LOL (Small)

49 pieces
121 solves
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Also available in large size under Hummingbird592.

I was surprised with the way this particular design turned out. Totally wasn't expecting boots, but here they are LOL :-) One size fits all too :-) Kathy


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Diane, so glad you found my comment :-) Yep, the delete button gets tons and tons of use around here. So much better than the film method!!!!!!!!


No,I am not good with photography. Love to take pictures with my digital camera- can easily erase if they don't turn out.I won it at a gift auction and the lcd screen is big. Love your picture of the hummer.DIANE MC C.


For the past several years we have put out 16 feeders and it keeps my hubby busy keeping them filled. When the season is going heavy, you almost need to wear a helmet outside LOL

Right now, we only have like four feeders with food in them since there are not that many here yet. During the hot summer, early in the morning and late in the evening get a lot of action. And also if it rains or right after a rain. The photo on my second profile is of a hummer that I was lucky enough to get a shot on a couple of years ago. Not easy at all to get a good shot of a least not for me LOL. Hubby got me a new camera for Christmas, but I have not learned how to use it yet. You can set all the settings on it manually with might help out. Like I said, I know very little about those types of camera's. Are you familiar with camera's and photography?

I found your message about hummers-it was on your bonsi tree puzzle. Do you get many? I only put 2 feeders out. At one point I had 4-guess I am lazy now. DIANE FROM COLD N.J.

Oh yay- your hummers are there-I've looked at your messages,but didn't see that one. I'm, ready for mine,but there's a lot of time to wait. .DIANE FROM COLD N.J.


Deborah, Queenbee, and Diane glad you enjoy it :-))))) took me a while to find your nuns walking with the candles, but I did indeed spot them. They are headed toward the right >>>>> And yes, the hummers are here. Left you a note about them the other day. They showed up on a Saturday, I think it was around the 17th or 18th of March :-))))))))

I see something else -I see nuns walking with candles. I enjoyed solving it. Any hummers yet?Thank you . DIANE FROM N.J.


I vote cowGirl boots! I had a red pair when I was a young girl! Aaah,.. fond memories! Thanks for the fun!! :)


Definitely cowboy boots! And fancy ones at that! :)))