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I Had Too Many Dreams Last Night! (small)

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With a nod to jcarroll for the title. Thanks, JC!


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Rosie - I am just so glad you enjoyed the kaleidos, too! Thanks so much!


I knew these would be fabulous when I saw the boards these morphed into. Boards came first today, sowwy!


Jim, wait until you see the kaleido of kaleidoBOARDS! LOL
Thanks so very, very much! :D


Believe the Electric Prunes would approve of your title too. Think that's the most brilliant colored klaido you've ever done. It's like klaido in HD. Thanks Jan


Edie - Thank you so much! I love vibrant colors, too! As to titles - anytime anyone wants to recommend one, I will be writing them down to use with appropriate puzzles later. So....... And, yes, I used to say that I looked at everything through "kaleidoscope eyes!" LOL

Katie - I wish I could sleep more and dream less! :D I am so glad you liked these bright ones! (and thanks for the title on the other one!!)

Hester - A very nice quote for these. Thank you. And, JC is so funny, isn't he!

Sissel - Thank you so much! And, every time I see your avatar, I smile. It's charming!


Beautiful Jan :-)


All things bright and beautiful, Jan! Great title! :-))


Another fun one, Jan!


Oooh Jan! You dream in such vivid colors! Thanks for these bright beauties this morning!


Such vibrant colours this morning, I love it Jan. Especially the bottom middle.
It sure didn't take you long to use the title. I'm sure you often lay in bed dreaming up new ideas to use in your puzzles. Thanks so much