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Tuesday's Flower

36 pieces
157 solves
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Mary, I forgot to post more of these. I'm just so behind on everything that my mind is running on empty. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :-)


Wow! This one was great! I was even close to Ardy's time with 2:57! Loved it! Sorry it got shoved aside since I bookmark way too many every day and on my week off work for vacation I'm trying to catch up a bit! Wendy flowers should never not be worked on the day they're put up! Love them TOOOOO much!


Oh, Advia! I'm chuckling. You got the right meaning in your second sentence....and you KNOW that I'm teasing you. :-)


You are lucky my dictionary only translates "will get off my case" and you can't mean this!! lol
Anyway I'm too busy to solve large puzzles these days maybe during the weekend therefore I won't push anyone.


Oh, Katie, I'll have to go back later on (I'm watching tv right now) and see what other ones you're talking about. I was even thinking about having an 8 puzzle day with all small sized puzzles with single flowers, but then Advia will get on my case. LOL

I'm so glad you liked this, and got a great time to boot, Mandy. :-)


This is a beauty, and so delicate, like gold filigree, thanks Wendy


Hey Wendy! I'm lovin' this style of your flowers. I really hope you post some more of that bunch you made the other night! I'm also still only having time for the small ones. But I've certainly been appreciating the thumbnails of your postings that I don't have time to solve!


I love your flower dance, Mary!

And whatnauts, I'm inclined to agree with you...and I just might change it a bit and use it for the 'flooring' of the Bonga-Bonga park_to_be.


This is lovely. Could be an island just off of Bonga Bonga.


Oh, the flower, the flower! Doing the Flower Dance! LOL Thanks, Wendy!


Thank you, Ardy and Jan. This isn't my usual 'stuff' but I really liked the way it looks up close and personal. I made a bunch like this one last night...and thought this was the nicest of the group.


Charming - loved the texture (1:46)


Nice flower, Wendy. Thanks. Again I'm close 2:36.