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Carnation (try out)

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A few months ago I put a cutting of one carnation (bought as a bouquet) in a pot outside, just like that. It grew and gave a bud. When the bud started to color at the end of last week I cut it an put it in a little vase and look what a lovely flower it's becoming:))


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Wow Brie, thank you...I doubt that I have the greenest thumb but I'm certainly proud of the result of my experiment with the carnation:)) I wrote down "cutting" but I think it's actually called a sprout on the stem (sometimes it's hard to find the right English words... even on Google).
A few weeks ago I was removing dead flowers from my rose and accidently cut off a good stem. I put it in a pot with potting soil and now it's growing and gives a new sprout!! Next year (if it servives) I'll have yet another rose plant in my garden! ;))


Impie - how beautiful! You must have the greenest thumb in the whole of Holland you are so successful with plants! Your garden is gorgeous and this little carnation is perfect :-))


Thank you very much mpilnadyful.


This is a beautiful flower and the story of how it came to be is delightful. Thanks and congratulations.