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Elsa Andersons Konditori, Norberg, Sweden.

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The cake might be one like this - with blueberry and marzipan and other good things inside!!


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It's exactly what was SO good, Jo!! Thanks so very much!!

You can have one indeed, Ank!! Thanks so very much!

It's sometimes an advantage NOT to be able to go where one would like!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Oh, Hanne. I'm glad this is where I can't get it in reality. It looks so scrumptious. Thank you.


Yes yes, I like one too.


This is just my favorite combination!! Crispy flakey crust too!! Thanks for the close up!! Almost as good as being there!! tee-hee!! :) :)


It really doesn't matter that much just to eat with your eyes, yellowgal, but it certainly WAS good!! Thanks so very much!!

OMG, my oh my oh my, I must concentrate so I don't hyperventilate . . . Thank you, Santa from Bornholm. Just what I wanted, how did you know? I'm thinking it's a very good thing I live far, far away from Nanax, or I'd be the size of a table! Talk about melt-in-your-mouth yummy. Okay, I'll go drool now.
Thank you, Hanne & Bent :))))


Honestly! - I can tell you that it WAS!! We have had many cakes there during the years, but this one is one of those that you remember!! So come along let's all go for a visit Nanax, Sandy, hannejoh and frogeye!


Can i have one please

It look s just delicious!


Oh man! I just gained 10 pounds looking at it. Thanks Hanne.


Looks yummy!