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Roses in a hurry to reach the stars

48 pieces
90 solves
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Thank you Roerick3 - I'm happy you posted such a nice comment - and that you enjoyed the composition so much. It's a lot of snow over here too - so it's fun to make bright puzzles.
I'm working full time +++ - so my comments and puzzles are posted as time allows ......


I'm days behind so really hope you see this comment. I love the whirling, spinning, dizzy roses with the stars all over. And the pastels really make the puzzle sparkle and shine and make me think of spring. Thanks for this in all the cold, snowy days we've been having.


Jan - thank you, I'm delighted that you enjoyed it. I like the star effect too.


What a wonderful puzzle! So pretty with all the colors that blend so beautiful and the stars. They are everywhere and really make the puzzle pop! Thanks so much, PJ!


Dagmar - thank you for your fine comment - and compliment.
Come to think of it "whirling roses out into space" - might be a very good title too, I did not think of it - but YOU DID. You create some very nice and interesting puzzles - so breathe deep, and write a comment to (someone) and a title may just come in place..... :-)


Some type of tornardo has lifted them up and is now whirling them out into space. :)) You are not only inventive with your images you are also very good at finding titles. I never have the slightest idea what to call mine so I end up calling them "Gradients once more" LOL.
Thanks for an entertaining afternoon. I wished I could do this more often. :))