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Another Painted Pony...for K I R S T E N !!! :DDD

49 pieces
67 solves
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You are very welcome, K I R S T E N! And yes, I did think about my behavior while doing penance in my bedroom...and I decided that next time i just won't let you know about the blender!!! :DDD
PS: No real ponies were injured!


Why, thank you D E B O R A H !!! L O L !!

Sorry for the small delay in getting here. I no sooner saw it, than my internet died! Grrrrr. So I have been mucking about for the last hour trying to figure out what was wrong. Yay for my ISP who sorted it out.

And yay for you, for making me a puzzle. How kind of you. I can see you were very busy while you were in your room, thinking about your behaviour young lady!! LOL

And I assume no real painted ponies were injured in the making of this kaleido. LOLOLOL