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Another chemo hat

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This was made from Barcelona yarn using the Bulky Waffle Hat pattern, available free on Ravelry.


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Thank you. As I told Ardy, I love knitting and crocheting and am happy to have an outlet for all my work. My Knit Wits group has been meeting for 13 years (i joined in 2008) and as a group we have contributed over 39,000 items to charities. I'll look forward to seeing your puzzles.


You make some fine stuff with your knitting needles and you also have a caring heart. I truly enjoy seeing your creations. Soon I'll be posting my latest blankets I've made. Finished one yesterday :-)) ❤️❤️


I love doing it, Ardy. I spend a lot of time in the car or in meetings, so that's a good time to work on something like this hat, a baby blanket, or the baby sweater that I make all the time.


Thanks Gail, for all the helpful things you do.


Thanks for the tip, Bella.


A tip for people with chemo. First put a folded wipe on your head, then put on the hat. The hat looks more full, as if there's hair underneath. ♥