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ε❀ξ░ξ❀з• Mosaics •ε❀ξ░ξ❀з

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20 pieces
42 solves
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The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand


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Marina, thank you for your kind words. I like to share with you the beauty of mosaics. I'm delighted that you like it ♥:))


Thanks for sharing these precious beauties. They are unique. Marina.


Dear Judy, thank you, I'm glad you like my mosaic puzzles. I wish you a beautiful Sunday and I send a greeting to sunny California ♥:))


The mosaic puzzles are perfect! Thanks so much Deanna. :-)


Jill, thank you very much for your wish. I greatly appreciate your words. I'm trying to make photos with alternating results and you're so kind that you appreciate my effort ♥:))


And I wish you a great weekend too. Deanna you take great photos and have a natural eye for beauty so a very good combo :-)


Jill, thank you for your kind words, I was hesitating, if the mosaic puzzles will be good, you calmed me ... LOL, I wish you a great weekend ♥:))


This is magnificent, great photo, thank you.