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oaks and snow near Rochester, NY (smaller)

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Sorry, I got a phone call before I had a chance to repost this in a smaller size. ; )


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It is. I have my nephew to thank for this photo, Jacque.


lovely tree!


You are welcome, Schutkleur and Texasstar7, and PLG.


I am amazed at weather extremes in places where one would least expect it. I know that the Rochester area, and Buffalo, have lots of snow, usually. Thanks for commenting.


Love this, Roseheather! Thanks!!


I know that many puzzlers here are sick of the snow, but I think it doesn't get much prettier than this! Thanks for supplying a virtual winter for this old Texas girl!


I lived there in the winter of 1959-60. There was record snowfall that winter - a record which I suspect has been broken since then maybe many times. Saw a lot of scenes like this. In one storm the forecast was for "light snow flurries, 3 to 5 inches". We had 24 inches. Ringling Brothers circus was caught on the New York Thruway and one of the lions escaped. It was found in a farmer's barn keeping warm. The next winter I was in Maryland and the forecast was for
"storm of blizzard proportions - 3 to 5 inches."


Thank you for the smaller size! It's really lovely!