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Vintage Fillmore poster No. 97 (Winterland)

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So, we got a new guy, Stanley Mouse, designing. This is for a concert at the Fillmore December 14, 1967 and at the Winterland December 15 and 16. Three days. Three days this hung around... makes me think of a stamped tin ceiling during the Depression... cough, cough... dust, poverty, dust, hardship, dust... cough, cough... Woody Guthrie should be on the bill. There's some relief in the blue-grey color of a sky that hasn't stopped raining for a week, like here, but then we have to deal with nonsense pictures... you know, the kind of photo that has no purpose but is put up anyway in CT and MRI rooms to "distract" you from your procedure.

Now, these useless pictures - don't forget, this is a rock concert - start with a supernova. Why? Can you name one song with "wrist x-ray" in the lyrics? Something to think about. Sunflowers? Black-eyed Susans? And green globes (I thought they were the well known apples, at first) - what gives? I want to cut the new guy some slack, but he's not meeting me halfway...

Chambers Brothers -

Tim Buckley -

Mothers of Invention -


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Its certainly a different poster, mpp - Is Stanley Mouse any relation to Roland Rat, no? I thought not.
Its different and I like it, never mind John, you can't win them all (❀ᴗ❀)


Can't say I really like this rodent, Stanley Mouse. Where is the bright colors? the psychedelia? the occasional boob? Was this poster a look into our future? Daises for a funeral, a solar flair BBQ? (I'll have my carcass medium rare). radioactive x-rays, moldy planet? And I don't trust anyone who prints neatly. How could I forge a prescription? I have terrible handwriting. But he did mention the Chambers Brothers. Sure, The Chambers Brothers only hit was an 11-minute opus highlighted by echoing vocal effects, eerie screaming and the (token white guy) Brian Keenan's drumming which gave the song a psychedelic feel. But they were best with soul music... who would a thunk it from band with four black guys on a diet of collard greens?

In honor of this poster, here are some of my favorite wrist songs...
Wrist and Shout - Beatles
Let's Wrist Again - Chubby Checker
Peppermint Wrist - " "
Kiss On My Wrist – Daryl Hall & John Oates
This Wrist - Faith Hill
Last Wrist - J Frank Wilson