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All quiet at the house.........for now!!

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Thanks TP we are. We built this cottage attached to my parents house.


Beautiful home! You are very blessed :)


PPM sorry about that, yes the salt in the atmosphere and salt water that reaches certain plants does kill some outright. Most of our foliage will die off and the Island looks totally brown for a while. However most come back after pruning and time. Our banana trees are just producing after two years......just in time for the next one!


What I was trying to ask was if the concentration of salt in the surge of sea water was enough to injure your plants chemically, as opposed to the mechanical damage of moving water.


Hi PPM, so far only our boat house here and tears up the shoreline. Our house has been ok. Other houses on the south shore get a beating, several very large houses and some hotel cottages have been completely swamped.


Do you get salt water damage from storm surges?


Sorry JB, we crossed. Thanks, will be ok.


Hi PKH, got a lot done this morning, only a few chairs and plants to get in now, will wait until friday.
Thank you yellow.
Yes we hope so too Ank, thanks.


You sound very prepared, Robbie. We are all praying for you! It is a beautiful home. Love and Hugs your way!!!


Love the house and everything around it. I hope very much, that it will look the same as now next Monday.
I'm glad you know how to act with this weather.

You have a lovely house, the Robbie family! Never underestimate the power of all your Jigidi friends praying for your safety . . . .


We will wait to hear from you-get out there and do your preparations!!!!


Hi Hanne, it is wobbling around slowly. Today they are saying a direct hit from the east which is not good for us, we face east. Oh well, tomorrow could turn around! Thanks.


We saw it yesterday and if it goes the way they said then you shouldn't get the worst of it!! But we haven't seen it today, you never know what kind of ideas a thing like that gets!! Do hope the very best for you, Robbie, and thanks for this beautiful photo!!


Hi lajuin,thanks. I do have curries, soups and stews pre-cooked for us all anyway, so no problem. We have a gas cooktop and a big generator which keeps things going so we are set. One bad hurricane my parents were out of power for 3 weeks, so we put the generator in. A good investment.
Thank you PLG and chickie.
Thanks ebkrueg, hopefully the big G will keep on cranking!
Thanks SMor, we are prepared.
Hi Robbos, thanks mate.


Take care Robbie and keep safe.


Be safe Robbie... You and Jenny will be in our thoughts and prayers..... Sounds like you are as prepared as you can be for mother nature.... Let there be no serious damage to our Docent or his Jenny..... T & L....


I have a friend who cooks a big turkey before a storm hits, assuming the power will be off. Best of luck.


Praying for all of u Robbie!


Wishing you protection and all the best, Robbie.


Well, I hope it doesn't make a direct hit and is just an exciting storm.
You certainly seem well-prepared. Do you cook ahead?

Will Jenny have her camera ready?


Yes PG, the boat is going way up the side of the house. Power washer will be ready, thanks.


Bring the boat inside and i hope you don't have to use it. May the worst thing be a house washing.


Yes gem, all our blinds are aluminium and we have roller shutter on doors. Never used sandbags.
Thanks PK, we have to make sure that cruise ship can still get here!
No problem chookies, I was relating to Jacques, not the storm. We take in outside furniture and mobile plants, pull in the blinds and get everything battened down that we can. We have a generator for power and our main concern is storm surge. We are really hoping it will take a turn and not be hurricane strength.
Thank you Glad, we hope so.
No lyndee, we grow up with these and have learnt not to mess around.


Hope you and your family stay safe. Don't leave anything to chance.


Let's hope that it won't be a serious storm and cause any damage.


I am so very sorry. That is terrible news, Robbie, what preparation goes into something like this?


Oh Robbie you are really in my prayers.


Do you cover your windows, sandbag, etc...or just pray?


Hi chookies, they are on the other side! Other things to worry about right now!


So TS Leslie is 500 miles away but supposed to hit us as a hurricane early sunday morning at high tide. If so, this yard will be underwater but hopefully not above the little wall. The boat is our getaway.......hee-hee....


Where's the cannons???? Can't find the cannons!!!!