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FOR EDIE.... Sympathy and A United Front.... ★(。◕‿◕。)★

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The Chicken Gang says........
'May the healing force be with you.....'
Hugs Sally & Chrissie


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G'day, Shirley... They lay the same coloured eggs too... Edie might be working on a new breed of purple chicken.... There's something so right about purple... LOL... A fun one to create... Glad you enjoyed it... Thanks, mate.... (。◕‿◕。)


Wow, I want some of these chickens, just got to decide which colours, bottom right look pretty, are these the ones Edie breeds? cute puzzle Sally, Thanks. :):)


Aww!! Thank everyone... So glad y'all had fun with this puzzle... It was really fun to create... I had fun picking out the chick colours/colors.... Finding the right cast took a little doing, but had to have it... Eddie is now in her rightful place..... Top of the leader board.... I'm hanging on by my toenails....

You can do it Edie... Friday is not that far away then pain free and back to full time chicken chores... And hopefully more photos.... (。◕‿◕。)

Take care and enjoy the summer sunshine everyone.... We're sitting here at 3:00 pm in 62° F/16° C... Thanks again for wishing our Speedy Edie a Speedy Recovery..... (。◕‿◕。)


Wishing you quick healing, good humor, visiting friends, eggcettera. Follow doctor's orders!
Super chic card, Sally and Chrissie!


Came to my desk to solve it again Sally. Wanted to be at the top of my own puzzle, even if only for a little while. Thanks everyone for the good wishes. Slight alterations the the cast seem to have made some difference. Hopefully I'll be able to leave it on at least till next Friday :-)))


Just "chicking in" to add to the well wishes!! Terrific puzzle Sally & Chrissie!
~ Kathy :-))

This is great, Sally. Love the little cast on the leg. ♥♥

Edie, moderation with the modifications. Hope this is all over soon for you and that you will be back to your usual life soon. :)


Best of luck to you, Edie. Keep up your sense of humor and you'll get through this.

Miss Sally, I can't say I've ever heard of green polka dot chicks, or pink, purple or red ones for that matter. I have, however, seen patterned ones, and always want to take them home when I find one. Figuring that they'd be breakfast for the kitties, I always decline... Great puzzle.


Too cute for words Sally. Love your colourful collection and the casts look like they have leg bands on. I hope I heal faster than I solve on this iPad. Still not adept at that but for now I've got my leg up so that's where I am. Alterations to the cast have already begun and I'm sure there will be more to follow as I try to make it more comfortable and easier to walk on. Walking with the broken bone was much less painful than this. Thanks for all the good wishes everyone and to you Sally and Foxy for my first smile of the day :-)))


This is so cute. Can't help but think some of your chicks have Chicken Pox. Thanks, Sally.


Adorable and colorful chicks, Sally. The yellow one really gets around and made it into all nine groups in time for the group picture. Thank you and Chrissie . Edie, I echo Kirsten's wish that you heal as fast as you solve.


I'm sure this darling puzzle will cheer Edie up immensely, Sally and Chrissie, and help in the healing process. The chicks are adorable. Thanks for a fun (if somewhat slow) solve. I may try again later to improve my time (1:00). :-))


I had a blast making this one.... Especially finding a cast that would fit chicken legs... Really glad you enjoyed it, Kirsten... I've done the three smallest... But it's tougher than I thought... Not doing the biggie, biggie.... Thanks for stopping by and solving this one.... Off to check out the rest of Jigidi's fare for tonight... (。◕‿◕。)


Fun puzzle Sally! Edie's gonna love it. And I'm sure that with all the good wishes from her JigidiFriends, and these JigidiChickens - she'll be back on two pegs soon! Thanks for the delightful solve, Sally. (•‿•)

And I hope your foot heals as fast as you solve puzzles, Edie. (•‿•)