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Flying Ladybug

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Great picture!! Thank you Rob.
And thank you Brie for all the background information!!


Beautiful closeup of a Ladybug/Ladybird, the only insect I don't mind having in my gardens, L.O.L. By the way Rob, I left a message for you and everyone else on the gorgeous get-well flowers that you posted for me! Thank you once again for the beautiful purple Lilies, my favorite color and flower too! Your so very sweet! ;)))


Well - I never knew pg!!!
Thanks Brie - that is very interesting!!! I love learning stuff like this on Jigidi!!!
Thanks Colin - We've mainly called them Ladybirds here in Oz too! And it's nice to know they eat the dreaded Aphids!!


Hooray for you, Robyn!! My favourite insect (they thrive on aphids and other pests) and I've always called them "ladybirds". Some try to correct me - ladybugs - but uh-uh! No dice - they ain't bugs :-)))


Here comes tonight's info...

The word ladybird is a contraction the term "Our Lady's Birds". The name means literally the birds of the Virgin Mary. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the sex of the insect.

The name was (supposedly) adopted for the insects after they seemingly miraculously prevented famine by arriving in waves to counter a massive pest buildup in medieval England. Their arrival was seen as the answer to prayers direct to the Virgin Mary, hence they were termed Our Lady's Birds. Bird of course used to mean any flying creature, just as fish once meant any sea creature.

So as you can see a male ladybirds is still one of Our Lady's Birds no matter what his sex. The "Lady" part refers to the saint, not the insect.

As a result a male ladybird is remains a ladybird and is just called a male ladybird.

We have an invasion of nasty ladybird look alikes called Harlequin beetles and they kill ladybirds. Ladybirds are the only beetle I'll let crawl on me - they have good PR - and we get lots of greenfly on our roses so that keeps them in the garden. They seem to live in groups in the bases of the big white daisies I have.


Tex you can purchase them from people who breed them and let them go on your lot. You have to make sure there is something for them to eat and they will stay around a long time, unless you swat them.


True, but what a choice! As beneficial as they are, and as scarce, too. Thanks, RR.


LOL!! I think we've all done something like that tex!! Thanks :)))


You know, I had not seen one of these in years, it seems, and today at the lake, one lit on my arm and scared me and I smacked it. Please don't anyone yell at me, it was reflex! It did make me sad though. Thanks, Rob, just thought I'd share that!!!


A bit ungainly pg - makes you wonder how they get airborne!
Well that's good Ami - we can all do with a good laugh:))
Thanks Laura:))
They sure are pink - thanks!!
Groan!! I was wondering when someone would ask that Shirley:))))) I'll have to dig & try to find out!!
My pleasure Li!!
Exactly!!! It looks like he's being a real hoon Sandy!!! thanks.


Ha! Looks like he's going Yeeehaaaaa!


That is an amazing photo!! it hardly looks real; it's surreal! Thanks, Robin, for expanding our horizons.


I love him/her, they are called Ladybugs, what do the call a male ladybug??


Lol...its little legs are so cute! Kind of like a frog...


He does look like an angry bird. Hahaha!


This one made me laugh, thanks Robyn I haven't laughed much since I read about Monica on one of your last puzzles.


Pretty in flight not so much.


Thanks Brie!
It's a crazy rhyme when you think about it lyndee - but I guess most of us learnt it when we were small!
Thanks Aggie.


Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away your house is on fire........and your babies will burn.


What and AMAZING photograph!! Looks like red bird from Angry Birds LOL!