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RCMP Musical Ride

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a picture of a poster!
This event is happening later today here in North Vancouver !!!!


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Yes, Li, you're right. My mother visited Ottawa when she was quite young and someone took a black and white picture of her with a mountie. That was many years ago but I still have the picture.


I'm starting here and will work my way up, Cathy. There's always been a mystique about the RCMP to me. I think this looks like fun.


Thanks Floyd!


Thanks Cathy for sharing this information. Nice to see.


Thanks Suzy. : )




Thank you Jim. You have the gift of 'encouragement' ! I'll definitely take some pictures!! They performed in this park back in 1987 and to get there they rode in formation along my STREET! : )))))

Hi Laurajane. I think they will also perform in Vancouver at the PNE Pacific National Exhibition. It is a wonderful show! I hope you get to see it one day.

Thank you Lorna. I won't be on jigidi very much today. I'm having company for 'tea'! And we will see the big show together.

Wow!! Faye, that was a wonderful place to be stationed!!! Expo '86 was great! We had season's passes and so we were over there a lot !!! I haven't heard that expression in a while ... but ... yes, it does!!!! : )))


Lucky me...I was a volunteer docent at Expo 86 and I was stationed at The Musical Ride! It warms the cockles of your heart. :)))


That will be quite a spectacle I imagine - just a glimpse of it would be good Cathy!


Oh boy! I would really love to see this.


Brown hats and lances would make a good puzzle, too! Thanks, Cathy!


Thank you Alison and javasage! I will try to take some pictures but I don't think I will get many. There is a nice flat field with a track around it but there is no where for people to get a good view of the field. So I will probably just see the lances and the flags bobbing up and down ... and maybe a glimpse of a brown hat ... if I'm lucky!


Looks like a grand time! ;-)))

Wow what a fabulous spectacle. Lucky you Cevas. Enjoy.