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Bornholm right now!

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Indeed the snow IS melting!!


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So beautiful, Elfie. Thanks so much for posting.


Thanks so very much Jan, indeed you are right!!

And don't I agree with you!! It has been icy today!! The wind has been awfully sharp!! Thanks so very much tex!!


Another wonderful winter scene! I just love it, cold as ice! Thanks, Hanne.


That's a lot of melt! Thanks, Hanne!


Right now it doesn't, it's light frost!! It'll take some time I think!! Thanks so very much roseheather!!


Beautiful. I will pretend that it isn't melting. ; )


I would not go out there!! But it makes a nice picture!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!

Poor you, what can you do about it?? More clothes, some hot tea/coffee, a nice fireplace to sit close to, some good exercises to make the blood flow faster?? You know: your hands down to the floor, up towards the ceiling, down to the floor, up towards the ceiling etc? It's good!! Hope you get warmer soon!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


I am cold this morning and that shushy looking water makes me feel colder. LOL Thanks for the puzzle Hanne.


I think you need waders (hip level boots that some fishermen wear when fishing in the surf) to get around here. Glad the snow is melting though. Stay dry, warm and safe. Thanks, Hanne.