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Quite tricky...

380 pieces
29 solves
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Love, love, love the hardies. Please keep em comin you three!

This took me almost 5 hours over three days to do! Awesome though thanks!


Spend all day, but loved it!!!!


That's one sad looking time, but at least I finished. Hats off to you Antagony. And seems as if I have your next one in my sight. I must be insane!

Well, obviously this was a toughie for me!!
To aishahm: Oh Yes! Please consider my comment as a compliment. I so enjoy puzzles that are challenging to me and when I saw this one, I thought right away it was either yours or tugman's, so I was surprised and delighted to see a new challenger:)))
To Antogony: Keep up the good work!! Will watch for your next creation!

I did it!!! Ah hahahaha! only took 4 and a half hours....


mnpuzlr, I will take your comment as a compliment and I'm sure tugman would too. Now that man can create some true monsters and he is proud of it. Can't wait to get this one started, but alas will have to wait until tomorrow. Antagony, I commend you on what appears to be a beast. I look forward to the challenge


I will not give up! 2 hours and I'm only 1/2 done.


This will take me forever! :)


Thanks mnpuzir. I'm glad you like it--I was concerned no-one would! :^D

I've never seen those other places, but I'll check them out when I've got a spare minute.

Mission accomplished! As far as I'm concerned! I have the border together and some pieces in at 34 min and 28% done, most of the sorting done. Will work on it some more, then gotta give it up til tomorrow. Do you do tugman22 puzzles and or aishahm puzzles?? They both post some sticklers! Like this one but not quite! This is a VERY GOOD puzzle!! I am enjoying it!!


I was trying to make this as difficult a puzzle as it possibly could be ? hopefully even more so than a blank puzzle ? so the pips are filled with Jigidi's available background colours.The idea being that no matter which background colour you use, some pips will be harder to see and therefore create a pseudo obscuring effect. I'm not sure it

I also intended to have the pip pattern repeating right up to and including the edges, but for some reason Jigidi's available sizes algorithm is affected by more than just the actual size of the picture and I couldn't get the size I needed without removing some rows and columns from the edges.

To assist with solving, I've uploaded the full size image to here: