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For JJ & Mr. O - Love in Autumn #1

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JJ - a PS to the former message:
I must have been getting tired! She wasn't on Flickr. This was on Panoramio, and I've sent her an email through that. I'll let you know if she responds, and of course you can try too.
PPS - this is NOT the Lunaviola who is the artist!


JJ - I've finally traced it to Flickr, but for some reason I can't access my Flickr account. The photo was posted in January 2009 by Lunaviola, and I have the feeling she might be from China. I can't seem to get back to where I found that much info, so if you're good with Flickr, which I'm not really acquainted with, you could try an email to her account. If I can get back to her page somehow, I'll try it. Right now I'm kind of at the end of myself!
Here's the link to the page I got it from:


Ah no, JanetJane, unfortunately I do not. In my initial comment I named Luna Viola as the photographer, but I don't really know who that is. But I'll retrace my steps and see if I can find out. I'll let you know one way or the other ASAP.


I am glad to come back and get a second look in the light of day. I didn't get home until 10:00 last night and then tried to catch up with the remains of the day! :)) In other words, I was about to head off to dreamland when Snooker alerted me to your nice puzzles. And my brain had shut down way before that!

Tater, I really like this photo! Did you take this one yourself? I have an idea and I have to run it by Oddio, first ...but first I need to know if you own this photo or not..


Mr. O, that's exactly what I thought of when I saw the green "hearts" poking through! :)))

JJ - that's exactly what it is - an ode to joy. I liked the way the stems on the green leaves aren't easily visible - kind of felt to me like they were just rising and beginning to soar with joy. :))

Thanks to every one of you that has stopped to comment! There's nothing like finding an unexpected sign of new life. :))))


Thank you, dear SpudMom!

Mom and Dad had "September Song" as one of their favorites. There's that line "..and the days grow short when you reach September.." I guess chronology would argue with me, but it sorta feels like spring!


Very pretty, potatomum..Thank you for this ode to joy!

Very nice, tater. Lots of symbolism here.


Me three, and I think they need to see them both. Beautiful pix and a beautiful couple and love story! Thanks, Potatomum.


i too like the little green plant in the center! Thanks potato.


I really liked LIA #2 the best, but there was something about the two heart-of-green leaves tentatively growing from under the fallen leaves that really got to me. :)


Very thoughtful, tater!


Photo by Luna Viola.
I couldn't decide whether to post this one or #2, so I just did both. :)