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Nap time

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HAHAHAHA tater, you're a card!


Funny, groovy, but true, I'm sure! :))


AHHHHHHHHHH, I JUST HAD A DAY MARE!!!!! OMLAWD!!! i would have left something else in the bed as well if that would have happened to me! LOL


He said it was pretty exciting.


Oh, Pat, that's a horrible picture you just painted! I'll take a bed full of cats anyday, even if my feet are cold. :)


My father once woke up in a bed like this, except there were about a dozen big black snakes coiled up asleep on top of the covers!

It was his first night working in Zoar Valley State Park in western New York, and it was during the Depression, and he was lucky to have gotten the job. He was supposed to stay in an old cabin for the summer. He leaped out of bed, throwing the covers back and scattering snakes everywhere, grabbed his stuff on the way out and never went back. Jobs were hard to come by, but that was one job he quit!