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Tracy Dishman at says: Gather round the fire, and make yourselves comfortable. Today is a great opportunity to read with the children/grandchildren. If the kids aren't around, it's certainly okay to read them alone. Everybody loves a good fairy tale and today is all about exploring myths and stories, old and new. From grim(m) tales to urban legends, tap the dark corners of your subconscious and see what you find.

To qualify as a fairy tale, a story does not have to begin with "Once upon a time.....", but, they usually do. Disney seems to require that the story has a happy ending - and there's nothing better than a good story that ends with "and they all lived happily ever after".

However, many original fairy tales did not end happily - if you want to know more the information is here:


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OK Mandy, vacation is over, miss you. This was lovely, weather it was the celebration or the colors, I loved it.


A year later I improved the score but didn't make the board ... Good morning Mandy


Thank you anther - it's lovely that you're promoting reading to others... and such a rewarding pastime too. I once cared for a special ed teen, and also for some pre-school children.... it worked brilliantly when the teen wanted to read the "baby" books to the littlies!!!

None of my Who Knew days are made up... you can research any of them on the www!!! They may not all be recognized in every country around the world... but I say... any excuse to celebrate!! :~)


Haven't lived - without fairy tales! Thank you Monza/Mandy for alerting us to these days - I hadn't known about them either and originally thought you were making them up.
Roerick3/Rosie - so glad you read to this older lady - lots of elderly people have no-one to bother about them. Thank you. (Used to be a nurse in a former life). My last 12+ years have been working with special ed teens, and littlies sometimes, and have enjoyed introducing them to reading. Loved the grandson story - he's special - my eldest is 20 and have lots. Now working with a four year old with ADHD so that he can read and write and not be a burden on the system later in his education. Kids beginning to read just love stories so I often give books as presents or as a gift coming back from somewhere.
To everyone - if you read to someone - pat yourself on the back and know you are appreciated. HUGS to all.


Thanks whatnauts - I wonder that too... very few people tell me they knew!


This is a wonderful thing to celebrate. I wonder how many people really know about all these obscure celebratory days. Thanks for helping to spread the word, monza.


Thanks PJ - I rather expected it was your sort of day... since you work with books. I'm sure you're familiar with many fairy tales I have yet to discover!!


Mandy - I love this puzzle and the message.


Thanks Jan, so pleased you enjoyed this one :~)


Thanks Elfie - it's nice of you to visit, and I plan to visit you soon, on Ardy's recommendation re a fairy story... it sounds intriguing!!


Wonderful idea, Mandy! And a fun puzzle! Thanks so much!


This is wonderful monza, what an initiative!! Thanks so very much!!


Sorry to hear you have a rainy Day, Katie... but at least you have one activity that can be enjoyed inside - thanks for visiting :~)


Thanks Edie, I so agree - I'd like to ban screen time for children or at least limit it to a couple of hours per day... max!! I used to run an after school club and holiday club, and so many of the boys would arrive with their games machines and it was very difficult to encourage them to join in with any of the other activities... let alone reading fairy stories... it is such a shame... they are denying an important part of their heritage.


Ardy, I did not know about Elfie and her family fairy story... I will check her profile out. Thanks for letting me know. It's amazing how often someone will mention how well the Day Puzzle fits them... I don't make any of them up... they are all genuinely celebration days... albeit some are quite obscure!!


Rosie, how wonderful that you read to the lady... and I'm smiling to think of someone of 103 enjoying the Potter books too :~)

I'm also smiling at the image of your nearly adult grandson trying to cuddle up to you for a story... how adorable and what a precious relationship you have with him! :~)


Hi Mandy, this would be a great activity for a rainy day - which is what I have today. Your images are just wonderful! Thanks!


Lots of kids today don't have the knowledge of fairy tales that we did. They have so many electronic devices now that reading time seems to becoming lost in the shuffle. My grandkids hardly know any of the fairy tale characters unless they've seen them in a Disney movie. I think they are really missing out. I loved fairy tales and when we were young books were our major source of entertainment. Thanks for this informative puzzle Mandy.


Mandy, This is a delightful puzzle. Thank you. Do you know there is an on-going fairy tale on Jigidi? Profile Elfie. Hanne and her husband, Bent put together these delightful tales of the Golden People. There have been others too. She also posted a picture of her daughter at age 5 with the statue of Hans Christian Andersen in Copenhagen. on her profile Hanne9. (Her daughter got married about 10 days ago.) Fits today very well, don't you think? You are giving us such a good time with this series.


Today is the day I read to one of the women here in the complex, she is 103 and unable to see well enough to read to her self so twice a week I read to her. We're reading the last of the Potter books so fairy tale here we come. After that we play 500 for 2 hrs and then I wheel her back to her cottage. Won't be able to take her home today, one of the guys will have to do that but the rest shall be done. My grandson won't read to me. He thinks that I should still be reading to him while he sits on my lap---all 6ft. 3ins. and 180 lbs. I don't think so. He's only 15.


Thanks Wendy - I know exactly how you feel, and that's one of the things I miss most about having children around the house... it's not just the reading of stories, but the magic of their innocence and inquisitivity!


Welcome and thank you shazzaannie - how lovely that you visited and left me a nice comment, I hope you enjoy your fairy tales today :~)


Morning Pat - I'm glad you like this kind of day :~)


Almost forgot! I LOVE the way you put this together.


Mandy, I wish my 'kids' (22 and 26) were young again so that I could this. I think the last time I read to my son was when he was around 12....and I so miss reading to both of them....even now I sometimes think of those very fond memories.

What a lovely way to spend a day.


Good morning Mandy I love this .... My kind of day ...Thanks


Good morning Lucy and Barb - enjoy your fairy tale days!!


What a lovely day to celebrate .... no grandkids and my great nieces and nephew live too far away, but I can always read to myself. LOL
Very nice images to go with the puzzle theme, Mandy, thanks. :-)


I just love fairy tales, most always a happy ending.