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Autumn walk, Nov.14

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Well maybe they have a good taste, but I don't feel like eating them. Thanks friends.


I have never eaten them, but always knew the Nasturtiums could be eaten, they are also known as the bread and butter plant, Thanks for the post, Ank, lovely fresh plant.


Wonderful, Ank! Thanks! Don't be afraid to eat them in a salad though. They're kind of peppery if I remember correctly.


This is a lovely photo, Ank! The leaves are so beautiful in the patterns they have made. And the flowers are a wonderful pop of color! Thank you so much!


Hi Hanne, Next time I see one I will take a smell. I really don't know. Michelle no, sorry also not a candied violet. I just don't want to think of it. lol
But I like this. We start with a flower and if you wait a little we make a complete menu. lol


Ok, kids, no converts then? LOL Ank, we have farmers growing edible flowers in a place known as the Holland Marsh just north of Toronto (as well as all sorts of lovely vegetables). Sure you wouldn't even try a candied violet?


I do agree Ardy, they have a special smell!! I don't like it much either, but I like the plant and the flowers. Just keep my nose away!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Thanks girls, I like the flowers, but indeed I don't think they smell. Michelle Pansies too? Yes maybe they taste good, but I don't think I'll try. Here in NL we say "What the farmer does not know, that he does not eat." lol


I've never eaten them, Ank. I used to plant them when I was a child but always thought they did not have a nice odor. But I liked the flower anyway. Thanks.


You should try them next year, Ank. (As long as they are treated like vegetables and have not been sprayed with harmful to eat sprays.) The flavour is a bit peppery. I sometimes just pick the flower off the plant for a munch! Pansies make a lovely salad too...very pretty to look at. A feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.


Thanks Michelle Trudy Jawz and Pilley, Trudy as you can see in the tittle this is Nov. 14. Now it's gone. Michelle I never knew you could eat them. But maybe strange we Dutch people are not used to eat things like flowers and so. We don't go out in nature to find food. We eat a lot of vegetables and fruits but buy that in the shop. Though I have many berries in my garden to eat. Pilley I will look for them.


I have some pretty photo's of nasturtiums, I will post them tomorrow.


Looks like nasturtiums to me also. Love them. Thanks! :)))


I'm surprised you still have flowers blooming this late in the year. We are done with blossoms until next spring in Seattle! Thanks for the pic.


Hi, Ank! These look like nasturtiums to me. Lovely plant and the flowers are tasty and pretty in a salad. Thanks for posting this! Michelle