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Who Knew???

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March 18th is Goddess of Fertility Day, a time when Aphrodite and other gods and goddesses of fertility are honoured by pagans throughout the world in celebration of life, fertility and rebirth.

Often referred to as Ostara, (after the Norse Goddess of Fertility), the holiday occurs each year during the vernal equinox, sometime between March 19 and March 22, and is marked with a "plentiful feast, cleaning, decorating, and exploration." All of which have found their way into other western cultural events including marking the vernal equinox (first day of spring), when people begin to renew themselves and begin their "spring cleaning," as well as being incorporated into aspects of the Christian holiday of Easter in the form of Easter eggs and the Easter bunny.


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I didn't expect so many people to pick up on the cleaning in this puzzle either whatnauts - or I would have omitted it... we're supposed to be celebrating... not working!!! At least you escaped the cleaning bug that infected this puzzle and found it interesting... and I hope that spring starts to show herself sooner rather than later in your area :~))

I have no doubt there were many times when raising your children were extremely hard work Magda, but it's lovely to know they are now a blessing!!


Thank you mandy, yes I agree, my children are a blessing, at least now that I am old. But it was not always easy, I can assure you.


Oh my, it is certainly interesting how everyone picked up on the 'cleaning' aspect of this particular day. Thank goodness I didn't see this puzzle until the evening, or I might have been so inclined myself! As to spring cleaning - well, that will have to wait until I see some signs of spring....which won't be any time soon I fear. Thanks for another interesting Who Knew puzzle, monza.


Thanks apache - I like your play on words.... very clever!!

Well done Janine - I do believe there is a time and a reason for everything :~)

I started by cleaning the air filter in the house.......LOL. I'll leave the babies
to the young ones. Interesting though, how everything has a season .....
and a reason.......Thanks Mandy...hugs, Janine.


Thank goodness, I past that. Or should I say "Thank Goddess!!


Thanks Hanne - I am looking forward to Wednesday very much, I'm so pleased you enjoyed these images :~)

Thanks Ardy, I hope you didn't do too much cleaning, and that you will have a fabulous weekend with your guest - your appreciation is very appreciated, thanks :~)

Glad you enjoyed it Barb - and I hope the bingo was fertile :~)

Did she find you yet, Pat?? I do hope so - nice to see you today!

RebaBe - it's good to know you've marked your calendars on this most important day :~)

Edie - I guess we'll just have to wait and see!! Nice to see you today :~)

Katie, I'm guessing that no-one on Jigidi makes cleaning a high priority, I hope you have just enough supplies to do the necessary :~)

Thanks PJ, I'm so pleased you enjoyed my tribute to womanhood... and cleaning (which I did not intend to be the focus of the puzzle!!!) LOL!

That sounds like an excellent plan shazzaannie!! Thanks for visiting today :~)

It's good to know the goddess is watching over your farm Heidi - I hope she brings you an exceptional year!!

Magda, what can I say???..... you were very blessed!!! LOL!!


I don't really like this Godess so much....having 5 children was not my plan, but the Godess thought else! LOL


Love it! I have a copy of the figurine (bottom row, second from right) on my refrigerator door. Since this is a farm, we can use all the help with fertility that we can get.

Oh no spring cleaning - think i will wait for the actaul equinox before I start. Any excuse haha!!!


Thank you Mandy - such a wonderful tribute to womenhood, growth - and cleaning :-)))
Ok - I've got the supplies - will get back to you about the results :-)))


Very alluring images to celebrate this day Mandy! I certainly need to do some renewal in my house - better check the cleaning supplies!


Does this mean that 9 months from now there will be a baby boom? LOL, Thanks Mandy


Time to bring out my Willendorf (replica, of course!) goddess & continue on with cleaning here & there wherever I notice grime & grit. Thanks for the info I had not known & will now mark my calendars ;-o


Send her my way... Please...


A new one for me, Mandy. Thanks for the puzzle, the images and the info. I should do some cleaning too but will be going off to bingo, much more fun. :-))


Mandy, Another rare one indeed. Sine I will be having a guest over the weekend I guess I could celebrate by doing some cleaning. LOL Thanks, Mandy for the great puzzle and the interesting information. I'm thoroughly enjoying and appreciating what you are doing with this series.


This is very beautiful, Mandy, thanks for showing and finding these different pictures! The vernal equinox is with us on Wednesday. Thanks so very much for this fine information!! Ostara is highly celebrated by pagans all over the world. It's her time now!