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True words :-)

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Thanks so much Jigsaw :-))))


Truer words were never spoken.

A safe is only good for one hour. after that, they are useless.


Thank you so much for the laughs Neville, Girlina, Bjresh and Janet :-)))))


Sissel, I've never read anything more truthful than that. Unfortunately. ♥♥♥

; ))))))


@2girlinaglass92, I applaud you for living in that part of the country, its not for me for that reason. felt better in earthquake country, so. calif. The person was a doctor so it really didn't ruin him but that was in the early 80s and it was worth a lot then. TFS :))

Bjresh.....there's fireproof and waterproof safes you can buy in stores that might have saved her money. So sad she lost it all!!! Down here in FL, you pretty much need one or both since we get hurricanes and wildfires in season.


Indeed in ways unimaginable, almost need to be a detective to keep up with the red tape.

Sissel, make sure its guaranteed for high levels of heat. a friend lost $20K in a home safe - nothing. burned but they took it to the bank and all the bills crumbled when they ran them through a machine to count it. no recompense. Funny but sad.


Yes sadly the truth Sissel, take care dear friend. ♥♥


I will buy a new mattress first with inbuilded SOFT???? firesafe bankbox Isabel, Ruby, Girlina and Dab after seeing your comments :-))))))

Thank you so much for the fun




I am surprised that no-one else can see this truth. Use your mattress!!! : -)

So true!!! Good move, dab63!!!!! ; ))))))


I first laughed - then I withdrew all my money from my bank and put it under my pillow...with my fake gun


Good morning Alex and thanks :-)))


LoL, Sissel :-)))))