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Casper, our Caique Parrot


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Oh, he is just a lovely one, isn't he? Wow!


Hi Avril and Sandie!! .How are you all today? All is well that ends well. Mayvin has got back the use of her publishing power....but guess what? The very thing that happened to her is happening on my Haze2 account. Not to worry. I will do like before and post 2 small and 2 regular/large size on Haze1952 until the problem has been sorted and I can use Haze 2 again. Drop me a line when possible...and thanks for your constant support. which I greatly appreciate ladies and lovelys. Thanks for your support and understanding ♥♥♥ Love to you both xxx

Aaw! So sorry to hear Mayvin2018 is having such problems! I have never had this sort of trouble, fingers crossed!! I have been in contact with Jigidi several times and have always found them to be helpful, always quick to reply and help me! I have had pictures stopped in the past, but mainly because the artist has put a stop on publishing their work, which has to be accepted by us all. Do hope to see you back ASAP, there will be many who will miss you Haze. I solve many of your puzzles but never get on the board to show my efforts!!! You will be sorely missed, come back soon!! Take care dear friend and wish Mayvin2018 a quick return to normal jigidi service! Avril x

Oh Haze ... this is terrible. Can't imagine what Jigidi think they are doing!!! I love Mayvin2018's puzzles and we have lovely, lovely chats. Did this just happen out of the blue? Suzyblue, AVYANN and myself would miss you SO much if you stopped publishing puzzles, even for a short time while this problem is sorted. I write on behalf of suzyblue and myself. I am sure that AVYANN will be commenting on your note separately. Speak soon I hope my lovely. xxxxxxx


Hi Sandie. We haven't talked for a while, but I wish you the very best along with love and hugs my dear friend. might be off the Jigidi creating puzzles in solidarity with a good friend of mine from Barbados who has been having a hard to time getting her stuff published. She has written to them and they said they will be back with her in 10 days. Now she wrote another letter yesterday and Jigidi said they are looking into it. I am the one you brought her on to this lovely site and she loves it so much. Now the problem is that when she puts on her puzzle there is some glitch that is preventing it from doing so. I tried to help her and I saw for myself that there must be some snag with the website. Has anything like this ever happen to you? Not to me either by I am going to wait till she can publish and I will start publishing again. I will come on and do puzzles as usual but not publish. Do I sound petty? I feel sorry that this has happened and pray it will be sorted out pretty soon. My friend is Mayvin2018. If you like to see some of the stuff she has published so far and she does have a few short ones in there too. Love you Babe!! Looking forward to your reply. ♥ Haze

Thank you all ... AVYANN, suzyblue, mother123456, Bubble, catmo and the lovely Haze ... so much for your lovely comments. I must have completely forgotten I had a parrot when I put my dogs on Jigidi!!! Anyway, he's on here now for you all to enjoy. Good for you to see Casper again AVYANN. Hope one of these days you will see him again in real life. And he loves his Mummy and Daddy equally suzyblue ... he tells me every morning!! Love to you all. xxx

Aaaw!!! Casper!!! So long since I saw him last, I hear him each time I talk to ruby4 and suzyblue, he's a beauty and a very noisy boy, especially if he thinks he's being ignored!! He's quite friendly to me when I talk to him, BUT, he's definitely a Mummy's Boy....well done ruby4 for capturing him in this to all, especially Blue & Ruby.....speak soon....luvs ya all xxxxxxxxx (My curtains!!!!) take a good photo.....hahahahah!!!

That's my boy love him to bits he loves his mum ruby4 more he is butter in her hands

Looks like he's got a little suit on and is all ready to go to church and sing.


Casper the parrot, he looks very content Ruby, and ready for mischief !! thanks for sharing (✿´‿`)


What a beautiful bird! Love the coloring...great shot! Thanks for sharing.


Sandi, if this is not remarkably beautiful, then I do not know what is! Great combinations of colours and I am on the leaderboard for now 8.21. Talk with you later Girlie xxx ♥ Haze