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πŸ‘Ÿ,,,🐾🐍 Into the wilderness 🐍🐾,,,πŸ‘Ÿ

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Chitwan National Park, Nepal

"Bear Bus"
bear mom carries on her back her two cute offspring

This species of bear - Melursus ursinus - inhabits the lowlands of East India and Nepal.
It feeds mainly on ants and termites, and its snout is perfectly adapted to their hunting, as are its long claws. When sucking insects, it emits a sound similar to a vacuum cleaner, which is audible up to a distance of 500 m. It is active especially in the evening and at night, meeting in daylight is relatively rare. It is the only species of bear that carries its cubs on its back. Today a whole nice family came to show us.
While the bear mother searches for ants in the ground, the little naughties wait patiently.
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😊 β™₯:))



Jolene β™₯:))



Yes, Jolene, you're right, they need peace ... and so do we β™₯:))

You are welcome Deanna, now we just leave them alone.


Jill, you wrote it concisely, beautifully and accurately, the sight of them "takes our hearts" β™₯:))


Gail, thank you for the nice note. I also had no idea that this species of bear exists and that it has such specific characteristics, we found it together and I really enjoy it with you β™₯:))


Suzy, I believe you're in love, me too. They are so amazing. I hope that meeting them brought you joy β™₯:))


Yes, Jolene, they are living their lives and we had the opportunity to look into it for a while, thank you for coming β™₯:))


Sooo cute


This is wonderful! Both the "bear bus" and the "vacuuming" of ants and termites that can be heard 500m away. 😍 Thank you, Deanna.


I believe I am in love. β™₯β™₯

They are just living their lives.

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