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Yes they are Marilyn, thanks.


Is that bowl to the left of peanut butter the unroasted coffee beans?


Exactly AJ, you are so right, thanks.


Hey, you guys---I've been here a long time & finally figured something out : whatever YOU like the best, IS the best!! To each his own. :-} .................


Thanks Hanne, what a good story.


MUUUMS!! Lukewarm bread with cold butter!!!! You make my teeth water, Robbie. I only think that peanut butter is eaten by those who have visited the States and had it there. I only know about it because I had a friend who stayed for a year in North Carolina as an exchange student. When she returned she was more American that the Americans. By the was, she lives in Washington D.C. now, married to an old friend for more than 40 years.


Ok chickie, you're with Jenny.
Thanks lajuin, yes I like the smooth one just like this.
I like it too once in a while but prefer this one Shirley. Bovril is meat extract, very similar in taste to Marmite which I guess is the closest to yours. Pg is everywhere! Yes the coffee is better at home here, thanks.
I heard you Celeste....giggles!!
Sure do SMor, I also like beans on toast with a runny fried egg! We help each other out!! Thanks.
I have tried natural and others but I still prefer this one. Don't get me wrong, I just brought up a little difference of opinion between Jenny and I, thanks. Yes try your own, if you don't have a roaster just blend some of your favourite coffees and keep it in the freezer, lasts for months and smells fresh all the time.
Hanne I forgot it for another 3 hours, I finally put it in the oven at 12.30 am and ate a piece with lots of cold butter at 1.15am. Jenny was babysitting and got home at about 2.00 am. She is out again tonight, the World Rugby Classic final is between South Africa and Australia here in Bermuda and our neighbours have had Jenny sitting for three nights this week. It is a very big event and is held here every year with teams from all over the world. Sorry off track there a bit! Hanne I thopught peanut butter was literally everywhere!
Jacques PG Tips is a very good brand of English Tea, thanks mate.
I've done that PPM, I don't like it in the fridge. No problem with the oil separating, I am just finicky and would like to open a new jar every day.....but of course I don't!! Thanks.


By the way, a slice of orange on your pb sandwich will make it even more yummy! But Skippy? Ewwwww. . . .


Peanut butter will stay fresh, and the oil will not separate, if you keep it in the fridge. Too hard to spread? A few seconds in the microwave and you can dig out a nice spreadable glob.


what does pg on your table???


Did you remember the bread?? It sure looks good but is not exactly what we have in the morning! I think I haven't had peanut butter for more than 50 years. You are able to buy it in most of the stores but not everywhere. So don't move to Denmark Robbie you wouldn't survive!! Thanks so very much!!


Robbie have you tried the Skippy Natural. I believe it stays fresher longer. Like the coffee thatt's on my list too.


Gourmet Chefs eat Skippy Peanut Butter??? What ever is this world coming to.... And getting your tips from PG, when all this time we thought you made your delightful visions up all by yourself.... :) :)


My tummy just growled..


I like crunchy peanut paste, Robbie is Bovril like our Vegemite, i'm sure you've heard of vegemite. How did PG get his name on Tea? The Coffee sounds great, Thanks Robbie for inviting into your kitchen.


I agree with you,Robbie. The nonhomogenized "natural" versions are moreso.


In your mind.


OK Graci, sounds like a plan!
Me too lajuin. Jenny and I disagree on smell and taste. I love peanut butter just after opening it but feel that it develops an oily smell the older it gets and even the taste is slightly different. Jenny says it is in my mind. Does anyone else notice?


I had peanut butter toast and hot cocoa for breakfst every morn when i was in high school. Still love peanut butter.


No she won't, I am sure we could become best friends!


Hi Nancys, yes all these knives are used although I have my favourites. I may take a couple of the butchers, will see. Thanks.
No chookies, will check it out, thanks.
No problem Graci, Jenny may holler though!!'
Guess so gem, thanks.


And living in Bermuda wouldn't be half bad either, Graciela! :DDD


Robbie, I am coming to camp myself in your kitchen, then I don't have to cook anymore! Would you mind?


Hey Robbie - just wondered whether you saw Robbos posting of his blue swimming crabs he posted yesterday - you may like to take a look!!


Do you use all those knives?
Try taking pics at the local grocery store
This is a good pic for a puzzle, thanks


Hi chickie, didn't think about that until I saw your comment! Thanks.
Thanks PLG, how nice. Yes you're right about the camera!
Je vous en prie! Merci petrados.
Lela your timing is right on........I mixed some yeast, water and sugar to make bread about 2 1/2 hours ago........when I read your comment I suddenly remembered!!!! The bread will be ready about 10.00pm!! Thanks, I just netted some fish and sat down a while ago.


Someone's been nibbling your bread!......

Merci de nous accueillir à un si joli festin


I never tire of seeing your kitchen, Robbie!

But I thought PG tips were phrases like, "Straighten out your camera, Pumpkin!"


I question the PG tips! LOL


First thing in the morning is have a cup of tea with PG Tips. Then a piece of toast with either peanut butter or Bovril. Around 10,00 AM I have a cup of coffee. Today I am roasting some Kenyan coffee beans on the left with some Tanzanian ones in the bag. Hamburger is thawing on the right for tonight.
Some might say "So What!!" Well I'm running out of pictures and ideas and Jenny has the car most of the time, so you'll have to spend days with me!!!!