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From my archives

The oldest building on my college campus (Atlantic Union College, S. Lancaster, Mass.) is now a museum named Founders Hall. It was built in 1884. When I was a student (1954-58) it was the music building. I had a practice room on third floor right. At night it was creepy as the only other people in the building were on the main floor.

It was painted white when I was there but it has since been discovered during the restoration that the original color was yellow;


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Thanks, Mallcat. If those walls could talk. LOL


I am glad they preserved the building, it has character!


Thanks, Pam.


You're welcome, Barb. It is yellow. LOL


You're welcome, Eva. It's full of history for me. Hugs.


I neglected to mention - it IS a very attractive building, Ardy. :-)


Beautifully kept, thanks for sharing it, Ardy :)


The building looks so perfect, you would think it’s painted on a canvas and the memories you have from this building makes it so much more special.
The building I attended for my music education for 4 years is just a building :-))
Thanks for sharing dear Ardy! Hugs ❤️❤️


Faye, that's interesting. I like it yellow. Thought it would be a good end of yellow week puzzle. Thanks.


BeeKay, the Seventh-day Adventist movement began in central New England. The first church is still in use at Washington, NH. There are a lot of denominational artifacts and history as well as from the college there. As far as I know that building has been in use every since it was built. Thanks.


You're right, Pat. I was glad to stop there with Michelle. You're welcome.


Hi Suzy. I think there may be a classroom or two in that building still but I'm not sure. It's located half way between the library and the current ad building. Lots of memories in that building. Thanks.

I had to laugh at the weather forecast for the local area on the computer. It says today's high will be 62. Then it says temperatures will be below freezing. Below freezing I believe. LOL Stay warm. ♥


Lunie, it has been in use all the time. A few years ago extensive renovations were done. The campus has been kept up very nicely.


Thanks, Pam. Being alone in any big building especially at night is scary. ☺


Thanks, Sandi. It is an old wooden building with all the accompanying creaks and moanings etc. that were even worse on third floor at night. LOL There were tree branches tapping at the windows. I have vivid memories. LOL


Nicely maintained. We have a section of Vancouver with homes a bit younger than this. The owners receive a grant if they paint their homes in the original heritage colours. :)


It's a handsome building. Wonderful it is so well kept. A museum is a great use for it.


Lovely building and lots of happy memories for you, I bet. Thanks Ardy.


Buildings like this are such wonderful places to hold classes. The history behind them is an inspiration for musicians and artists of all kinds to be creative. Thank you for the post, Ardy.
Stay warm today! ♥


Looked like it is well maintained, considering its age, still looking good Ardy.


Thanks for sharing this, Ardy - very interesting and makes a good puzzle.
The music building at USF was very modern, but I still found it kind of creepy to be there at night, practicing, because there were often no others there. The music building at UF was quite old, and bustling always - I would sometimes practice in evening but there were lots of students around, so I was comfortable enough.


What a beautiful old building, Ardy. Our music building was a little creepy also. I had choir practice and voice lessons there. My dorm was right across the street.


Thanks, Jacki. When you enter the front door there are staircases to the right and to the left to the second floor. This was the first administration building. The chapel was on the second floor. One staircase was for girls and the other for boys. The olden days!!!!! ♥Hugs♥


It's a lovely building, Ardy, and a great finale to the yellow theme. (also a great photo) ♡hugs