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16 Of The Worst Snowstorms In US History

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Snow can turn a city into a magical winter wonderland, but it can also leave devastation and destruction behind. We take a look at some of the worst snowstorms in the history of the US.

The 'bomb cyclone' of 2018

From January 2-6, 2018 a 'bomb cyclone' battered the northeastern states. Boston was one of the worst hit areas, with around 17 inches (1.4 feet) of snow falling. The fearsome and sudden storm caused Niagara Falls to appear as if frozen (although the water in fact continued to flow underneath). High winds were also a problem, with the cruise ship Norwegian Breakaway sailing from the Bahamas to New York suffering severe flooding. The 'bomb cyclone' was the cause of 22 deaths.

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Thanks Lorna and LD for stopping by .. Hugs




Wow, that must have been quite something to see. Thanks Pat.


Fran that would be my thought too .. It was fun .. :-)))


Pat, thanks for that series. Terrible storms! Reminds us to appreciate our 'normal' winters as they certainly could be worse.


Ardy .. That it was .. You may have only got a some effect from it as it landed mostly north of you .. Hugs

nanab .. You were lucky .. Hugs


This one was meant to hit us in New Hampshire but it's track change and missed us. One year earlier I would have still been living in Massachusetts. Thanks again for sharing these.


This was just last year, Pat, and I don't remember it. That's scary. Thanks. This is a very interesting and sobering series.