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Experiment In Color/Colour..... (S)....

35 pieces
141 solves
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Let me feeling a little loopy but I loved it! I would say a most successful experiment!!! It was very colurful. Thank youu, dear one!


Thanks, Barb.... Glad you enjoyed the experiment.... More to follow time permitting.... :) :)

You're welcome, QB2b... 3D and bright two of my favorite things to work with..... :) :)

Thank you QORE, Your vote is most appreciated.... :) :)

Thank you, kittenlove.... :) :)

:) :) Now that you mention it, the only flavour missing is chocolate.... :) :)
(Do they make LifeSavers in chocolate??.... Well, they should... :) :)

Thanks, Katie.... :) :)

Thank you, PJ.... Yep... round things are on my favorites list too.... :) :)

Yay!! It passed the test... Actually I have a couple more experiments in mind, as I really am trying to see what's most eye catching in the arrangement of bright colors... Really busy this week and found a few more effects to play with, so Experiment 2 and 3 may be down the road a bit... Not to worry about your 3D status QO3D, but occasionally I may give you a run for your Rouble or Euro... I very much like to play with 3D too.... Thanks for the 'finesse', I thought I'd lost it long ago... Take care Judy, keep those great puzzles coming.... Ooroo.... :) :)

G'day, Shirley.... Thanks, mate, always appreciate your vote of confidence.... Hope all is well with you.... Ava good one.... :) :)


Great combination of colours here, Experiment worked I'd say Sally, Thanks. :):)


Sally, your experiment in color passes with flying colors/colours!!! :-)) Fantastic combinations. However, do I have to worry about my QO3D status? You've done a marvelous job here with it. I really had fun solving it and wish I could critique with your finesse. Let's just say it's a real blue-ribbon winner!


- and around we go ....:-)) Fun puzzle.



All flavors (flavours) of LifeSavers.

Pretty experiment.....thank you.


I vote yes for your colorful experiment!!!!!


Nice 3-D effect!! Like the color combos too!! Much fun, thanks!! :)


Really enjoyed your experiment. Loved the pattern and use of colours. Thanks from Barb. :-)