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  1. Dclo0:24
  2. Robbos0:29
  3. Ianto0:29
  4. inny0:29
  5. ullauhrskov0:34
  6. Hatiwu0:39
  7. jen70:42
  8. PaxLab0:42
  9. deda0:43
  10. carpej0:44


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OOps! @dustydog


Dusty is adorable, both "before" AND "after"! :) Gina


Honest! I didn't do it!! So cute and innocent.


Awwww, so cute!!!


Sounds like a very nice doggy spa visit! :D


I also like that shaggy look. He looks like a stuffed toy! Then his hair gets in his eyes, and he has a tendency to get matted hair. (Even though I brush him out every couple days.) My groomer has a very calm voice and demeanor. She told me that when she gets him on the grooming table, he will stand quietly as she works. He also enjoys his bath, but isn't too fond of the drying kennel, but he doesn't bark, or whine. He just moves around while the warm air is blowing on him.
He really does have nifty eyes. I've never had a dog with eyes like his! And they are definitely expressive!


Awww, agree he's cute either way....but kinda like the shaggy/extra furry look. Hilarious that he enjoys it and struts afterward. The stories I hear are more like Ella's.....they were not amused.....but maybe that also depends on having a good groomer?


Aw ha, I see you like to be sneaky! Good that Dusty had some spares to go to.


No-o-o....he took this away when Dusty wasn't looking. But that was okay, as there were two more on the floor.


Beautiful eyes, too!


You must have been a good boy at the spa, I see you have a treat!


Thank you.

I'm sure that he does. Huggable. is great.


I agree! I like him all shaggy and looking like a stuffed toy. But he really prances around after grooming...

Either way you are still cute.

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