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Theme - Dogs, cats and small pets

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Doggie daycare pets participating in an exercise with fire trucks and press and others
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The daycare that the dogs attend also teaches obedience; I think this may have some influence on their behaviour. However, when I took the brace from their regular "walker" I asked about any obedience I should be aware of, the gal told me not all of them were trained and just use my common sense. It was all I needed for the next couple hours.
They were in a situation and location none of them had ever encountered before being "handled" by someone they had never met, so I think they just did what they were told and behaved themselves because everyone else was behaving themselves. The exercise had to do with emergency preparedness and I think the dogs, their walkers and I got the best of the deal. I got a whole lot more than my daily dose of dog, the dogs got an adventure, and the walkers got a look at what they might encounter in case of a local evacuation situation. (I didn't get the Berner though.)


Oh wow ! So many well behaved dogs ... and even a Berner !


Thanks, Dave. I was lucky enough to take one brace of dogs (half the ones on the left) for the duration of the exercise.


Great puzzle jyl,I love dogs.

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