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I know...Lets get a dog that matches our counter tops.

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Good question, Lin! I wonder that myself sometimes!! The picture you see of me was made about 6 or 8 years ago, so I'm older than I look!! LOL!!

TX94 - and I had you figgered for a (fairly) young chick! ; ))) Still are, of course, matter of ♫Forever young♫ of heart. My 'number' changes 3-21! Still askin' myself, Dottie...where in blue blazes has the...time gone!


Lin, my last digit is 7. Could be that I'm one year older than you! :D


Reading something on your site the other day, leads me to think you and I might be neck-in-neck age wise, Dottie. The LAST digit of my birth year is "8". If you don't mind....yours? JUST the last digit. ; )


Thank you, Donna! : )


How FUNNY!!!! A good find, Dottie. Thanks for sharing it.