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Pettson is teaching Findus how the skipping the rock works the best…”You have to have a lite hand to give it a nice spin to skip properly !”

…and looking at Findus’ face, he is concentrating really hard and with his right paw raised high and the tongue sticking out and the left eye closed…It just have to be the perfect skipping of the rock…..
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  1. greet490:54
  2. gerdje170:57
  3. JillianB0:59
  4. grimric1:08
  5. mble1119111:08
  6. Kathir1:08
  7. debdaz1:09
  8. lenty1:09
  9. Nette1:13
  10. introvertka1:24


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If his face is any indication of the throw--it will be amazing!


Love the little tongue sticking out - Findus really is a cutie! Thanks Eva.


What a fun puzzle thanks Eva and I love the concentration on Findus' face! It should be a great throw! Hugs my friend ♥♥

Wow , Findus is very good in learning ! Many thanks Eva !


Love his expressions, very cute. Thanks Eva

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