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The "Pissebækken"!

20 pieces
78 solves
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Enjoying life at the foot of the waterfall!!


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OF COURSE he did!! What should we do without him to help us through problems?! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Delightful, Hanne. A beautiful waterfall, a lovely place to rest and a snack. What could be better? I trust Bent joined you and got his share. Thanks, Hanne.


We have some more in the pocket!! For you too!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


I hope you did not eat it all, I'm on my way, just a little late.
A very nice photo, thanks.


We always have something nice to have in places like this!! And sitting in the sun listening to the water is marvellous! Thanks so very much, Sandy!!

But of course you can. Sit down and have a snack!! It's nice and warm here!! Have a great day too, Jana, thanks so very much!!

So just sit down with us and enjoy the wonders of nature! Thanks so very much anitas!!


This is such a beautiful place.


Hi Hanne, can I come enjoy with you waterfall? Very nice photo, thank you very much and have a great day :-)))))


What a wonderful spot for a lunch break. And I like how Bent caught the water droplets coming down from the falls. Thanks Hanne.