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Fascinating Tibetan Sand Mandalas!! ~ PJ`s Favourite

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I like that take on it, Dagmar. We just have to find a way to keep Hester's genies safe, so they can do some important magic!! :)))


What a lovely thought, Hester. Done deal! Let's do that. :)))


I'm glad you enjoyed your fave PJ! :)))


This one looks like a volcano with brilliant lava flowing down its slopes. :))


I love the little blue genie heads around the edge of this one. Let's ask them for a wish that things will get better real soon in the States and that Pat's daughter gets her fairy tale wedding. :-)


Thank you very much Kirsten - love the colors and the design.


Morning Ardy! The singles I'm posting at the moment are from puzzles 2 months ago! No wonder you forgot. Sometimes there are so many faves from each puzzle to post, the time gap between the faves and the original puzzles just grows and grows. And I hope I can keep having ideas of new things to kaleido. Sometimes I worry I'll run out.

Sorry about not responding to your email. It's been a busy time. I'll try to catch up over the week end.

I'm glad things are getting back to normal for you. The devastation in some places looks terrible. And I too hope things work out OK for Pat.


Good evening, Kirsten. I had forgotten about these fantastic sand mandalas. A good teacher provides reviews to help students remember. Thanks for being a good teacher. And thinking of teaching I hope sometime you'll have the time to answer my email about the world time clock. Thanks too for finding all the lovely things you find in your "blender."

My area seems to be pretty much back to normal from the storm. Where they will by days maybe even years repairing and rebuilding is the New York City area. It's a real mess. Pat D. is ok but no power and her daughter's wedding is this Saturday. Hope something will help salvage the occasion.


Boy, you must have been poised, ready to strike Pat!! I no sooner posted, and you're here!! Speedy Pat!! LOL


Lovely thanks

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