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"In the Garden"

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Russian artist Anna Speshilova creates charming watercolor illustrations that visualize adventures through fantasy forests and friendships with the animals that inhabit them. From woodland tea parties with wolves to flying through the night sky with owls, each whimsical artwork looks like it’s straight out of a storybook. Rendered in her distinct, delicate style, each of Speshilova’s illustrations feature washes of watercolor and fine line work. Her ever-growing portfolio not only showcases her skills with a paintbrush, but her fantastic imagination. Speshilova’s illustrated characters include humans who live in harmony with forest animals, reminiscent of Disney’s Snow White. In one image, a girl rides through the woodlands on a moose, while deer, hares, and foxes gallop alongside her. In another, a different female character reads a book while a group of polar bears, rabbits, and various other creatures snuggle up beside her.
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Great to read all the positive comments. I'm glad all of you enjoyed this puzzle :-)


Beautiful art of gardening and youth. Thanks.


Thanks for another amazing Russian artist's work. I really like this and love the black cat taking everything in. Hope you have a good day my friend. Hugs

Love this painting, and love the cat. Thank you for the bio. oynot which is very interesting. I am going to enjoy the work of this Artist.

Love the kitty!


Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of art.

Is that Kiki (all grown up )with her cat Jiji?


The cat is so cute!

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