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Netted Swirl

49 pieces
173 solves
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Absolutely gorgeous!


That golden net, the deep blue colour - and the rest of it!! It's just SO harmonious and peaceful!! Thanks so very much Jill!!


Why, thank you, Santafox! I appreciate your comment. One would think you are becoming an RJDB convert, lol!...... :-)


Nett result = happiness :-) Thanks, Ms RJDB - you flew the colour flag here!


Thanks, Shirley. I'm glad you enjoyed both the puzzle and the solve!


Wow this is a beauty, Thanks Jill, loved the solve too.


I'm glad you think it is fantastic, whatnauts. You are very welcome, my friend!


Wow, Jo! I couldn't be a a better place for that ( We are now at Jekyll) on the south end of the island there are no homes and no lights. Thank you SO much for telling me about this! You are so welcome, dear Jo. ... :-)


Fantastic swirl. Thanks very much.


Well Jill, you netted that beautiful swirl, but at the speed it's going, you better find some shelter!! lol....FYI..On .Dec 13th, there is supposed to be the "best light show of the year".The Geminids Meteor Shower. They should start a 9 or 10 pm, but the peak showers are, they say, 1 to 3 am! They suspect you may be able to count as many as 100 shooting stars an hour if your in a low light area! I can't wait!! My alarm will be set !! Better not be overcast, or rain! :( Thanks for the fun Jill!! :)