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Crew van rear ended

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This is not the one I was driving that night.
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  5. octhomasad1:21
  6. Jumble1:21
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Irene - these minivans were designed for soccer moms to haul kids and groceries on paved roads. In the railroad environment, we had to take these things places where you would be better off with an offroad 4 wheel drive. Minor body damage was common because of this, so the duct tape and zip ties were very handy.


In that case, you are a very thoughtful handy man to have around Jerry


Expensive - maybe, maybe not. These vans typically had nearly 300,000 miles on them and I carried a roll of duct tape and a fistful of railroad grade zip ties for on the road repairs.


Don't believe there were any injuries.


That's not good, but expensive.

Ouch! Hope no one was hurt!

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