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Vintage Fashion

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Yes, patterns are so expensive now, you would have to buy just one and use only that for the rest of your life!


I wonder how much these patterns cost at that time. When I started sewing, patterns were 50 and 75 cents except for Vogue. Now they are up to $15 and that is for Simplicity patterns. Go figure. It was interesting seeing the designs of years ago. Thanks for sharing.


My slow time 8:12. I think these dresses were from the very late forties, early fifties when Christian Dior introduced the "new look." In the forties, the skirt lengths were short; the "new look" lowered hemlines to about mid-calf.

Under these "wasp-waist" dresses, gals wore a "Merry Widow," a strapless, boned corset of a sort...with detachable garters for stockings. They did this to try and achieve the look of a teeny waist (very few were successful). The closure on a Merry Widow wasn't "laces" but hooks 'n eyes...diabolical to fasten up the back. You couldn't go out a eat a big meal wearing one of these or you'd have a terrible stomach ache until you could get home and remove the darned garment!!! Carole

LA, thanks for trying to explain the situation to me. From what I've gathered Googling, is that, originally, her meat dress was a protest of the way openly gay officers were treated in the military. Then, on the Ellen Show the explanation morphed into her (LGG's) comment that she wasn't just a piece of meat. Why, if you're against being perceived as "just a piece of meat", would you dress like a piece of meat? Kids might have some difficulty following this reasoning...Oh, and to answer your question about how many real women had waists as shown---these drawings are from the 1930's or early 1940's when most women bought patterns and sewed their own dresses, adjusting the patterns to fit their particular shapes. How many women today are shaped as the models promoted to us? Come to think of it, Lady GaGa would probably fit these vintage dresses quite ably ! :) (Also, the 1930's and 40's with the Depression and World War II were a time of scarcity in our country. Have you heard of soup lines, ration stamps, and Victory gardens? When I was young, you never heard of dieting or obesity. Yes, I'm sure there were a lot of people with waists like those shown...)

All of Lady GaGa's costumes make a statement; in that case that women aren't a piece of meat. She's also a big advocate of anti-bullying, etc. If she can be a rockstar dressing outlandish, then kids can be ok not being like every other kid. The vintage styles here might be classic... LOL... but how many real women have a waist like those shown????

You've got to be kidding !!! I, only once and then by accident, saw her in passing on tv and that was enough for me. But meat? What was the notion behind that? And what did it resemble?


Or Lady GaGa with a dress made of MEAT!!!

These designs are classic !! Beats the heck out of Lady GaGa (or however you spell that weirdness) wrapped in plastic !!!