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Winter wonderland

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After the snowstorm, and my bird feeders.
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It is so convenient, right out my kitchen window, and I can go right out the front door to
fill them. Had to move it last year because it against the rules to have it out there,
but I can't get around the patio side to fill them, so I snuck it back. I am in the back
here and no one sees me, so we'll hope for the best. I love watching the birds
when I am at the kitchen sink & can watch them fly back to the woods and back
and forth all the time.


I love all your feeders and the pole they're on!


Yes, that is the pole I had to move, but I am hoping no one reports me again since I moved
it back, it right out my kitchen window and when I am there I can see them all. All my
friends love seeing them when they play cards here. The trees stayed pretty through
yesterday, but I think they are starting to melt now. Thanks for the nice comments.


Wow ,you did have a lot of snow.We often have similar weather but not this time ,a lot of sunshine here but still freezing.Love your birdfeeders.
Thanks dear Pat.


That's a lot of snow. It that the feeder you had to move? Pretty sight. Thanks, Pat.

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