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- and he was SO big!!!

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During the next days we'll go visiting the gnomes with the golden boys and see how they live!!


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Elfie, I have really enjoyed this latest adventure. You & Bent did a marvelous job of it. Thank you both so much for all the effort you put into it for our entertainment. Happy New Year.................


Thanks so very much Mimi, yes, we gave them one!!

Thanks for following whatnauts, it's wonderful that you've enjoyed it!!


Home at last with family and friends. Time for feasting and celebrating and telling stories. And what a great story you and Bent have shared with us. Thanks so very much.


Terrific puzzle, it's fun seeing them all together again - and they even have a Christmas tree!


You'll have them!! Thanks so very much Lela!!


Bring on the gnomes!....Hee-Hee!........


Thanks so VERY much Ardy, we do enjoy her visit here very much!! Nice to have a lot of talking. I wish you a wonderful Christmas too with lots of joy and happiness!!

Of course they have!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Yay, they are all back together again and they have their own Christmas tree.


And a happy Christmas to all. I hope when the golden boys start out that they know the way as those gnomes didn't seem to be of much help earlier. Thanks Hanne and Bent for another fun story. May your Christmas be merry and bright. Enjoy Pia Maria and stay safe and warm