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Snow Anyone????

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That's my brother-in-law standing at the front entrance. It's four steps up from ground level. This shows the snow accumulation up to March 8 (so far).
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A little warm for my blood, but I do get your point :)))))


I hear you what.....and I do often wonder which is the better choice......I think


Thanks for your comment mackabroin. I've been away for a few weeks, sorry for the delay in answering. I'll keep my snow and you can keep all the rain Vancouver gets!


all this snow is amazing whatnauts.......I remember having snow like this when I was young.....but now we (vancouver) really don't get much snow at all..a day here and a day I agree with lindee...please don't share with me is a great pictrue though.....thanks..robin


Relieved to hear you are fine... phew! Thanks for setting my mind at rest, whattie. I knew you were going to be away and I saw you return briefly then disappear again. Being busy and tired are good things - easily fixed. Here's hoping August will bring some rest! Clever, aren't ya, solving AND watching TV LOL. Enjoy that long weekend, buddy :-)


Sorry to have worried you, foxy! I haven't been here in nearly a week and before that, very little this month. Unfortunately I missed your earlier comment. I'm fine, only extremely busy or too tired by the time the evening rolls around to push around puzzle pieces. The time is flying by - I can't believe tomorrow is the end of July. I'm hoping August will be less hectic. This weekend is a 3-day weekend for us and I'm hoping I can fit in some serious Jigidi and TV time (I do both at once)!!! Thanks for your concern :))))


Still missing you. You OK?


Are you back yet? Missing you, dear whattie :-)


Yes, we always get lots of snow, but with getting more than usual this year, it was the perfect time to take some pics. It's hard to believe that at the end of March the snow has barely receded. I have as much snow now as I did at the beginning of the month. Or perhaps more, since they have recently cleaned the streets and my snow mountain may have climbed a little higher. Sigh. We've only had a day or two reach freezing or slightly above. At this rate, we really will still have snow in May. The amphibex machines have been on our rivers for several weeks. It's probably quite the job keeping the ice broken up!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)))


Hi. Not spending much time in Jigidi these last few months and just came across your snow puzzles. Awful for you. Glad you posted these photos as many people have never experienced this and hence cannot understand what you/we go through.
...I saw the ice breaker doing its thing on the St. Lawrence river yesterday. Always enjoy seeing/listening to that.


Yes, it really should be the 8th word to George Carlin's 'Seven Dirty Words'!! LOL


Please stop using those four-letter words (snow) or I will have to report you to Magnus, lol


I think I've previously mentioned that the temps we had this winter were extreme and I believe it's been 30 years since we had a winter this cold and it's the second coldest winter on record. We also had more snow than usual. Winter all over North America was strange, from being colder to more snow to droughts in the warmer places. Some states which rarely get snow received snow more than once and they are totally lost and have no idea what to do. It would be like us getting 2 feet of snow. Oh well, hopefully it is nearly over. I suppose you have flowers growing by now. Oh well, soon you will be too hot for my taste, and I won't be envying that :)))))


Hi Whatnauts, I finally managed the time to have a closer look at your snow. There really is a lot of it, here in Spain we don't get that much even in the north, but I remember my childhood in Germany and seeing our garden like this was a normal sight for December and January. I remember us making holes into the snow mountains and installing some kind of igloo there with snow benches and tables. :)) What was different are the temperatures and the dates. 25 degrees centigrade below zero (-13 Fahrenheit) were not very unusual and I remember going off to ski on a bright winter afternoon with 13 degrees below zero (8 degrees Fahrenheit), but we never had temperatures like yours and especially not for so long. In March it only snowed occasionally and nowadays the winters are much milder as they used to be anyway. Before the first snows fell by the end of October or beginning of November and they used to stay until the end of January or middle of February but now it usually snows and the snow might stay for a week or two but then it thaws again.
Here in Spain I miss the snow, especially around Christmas time, but a winter like yours is really hard to live through and I can understand that you are looking forward to green and warmth. :))
Thanks for posting the pictures and I hope that your thawing will be slow and that spring will reach you soon. :))


60's???? Sheesh, that sounds marvelous....


Oh my, and I thought we had a lot of snow. It was in the 60's today, nearly every snow pile has melted here. : )


Yes, madhat, spring will arrive eventually, but it might be July before all this snow disappears!

Shucks, lyndee, are you sure you won't take some? Those bare spots of yours probably feel naked! LOL


That's mighty nice of you to offer to share but I think I'll pass. We are just finally beginning to see some bare spots and I don't want anymore of the white stuff (even though we still have another inch or two predicted for tonight).


Good Grief. The driveway looks level with the front entrance. That's a lot of snow. I don't envy you that. Hang in there. Spring WILL arrive and melt it all away.

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