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Brand new cicada

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This adult had very recently crawled out of his nypmph shell on the side of the concrete block foundation of an out-building. From a quick check on Google, he is likely a late bloomer from last year's major brood.
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  1. PaxLab1:20
  2. schutkleur2:12
  3. bfridley2:20
  4. cachiche682:28
  5. Ianto2:39
  6. Anngag782:50
  7. Pekaji2:55
  8. beyondwords3:48
  9. tibino4:22
  10. 4felines8:12


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I felt very fortunate, indeed! Thank you for your comments!


I, too, collected their shells in my childhood. Where I live, the cicadas appear in the fall, bringing a cacophony. Despite the racket, I love hearing them remind me of when I was young.

@PaxLab, you were fortunate to come upon the cicada just after it had wiggled out of its shell. Excellent photo. ~Martha


Thank you! It helps that they are rather large for insects. They do make a noise like that, but it is pretty much continuous.


Great photo PaxLab!! of an interesting creature. I don't think we have them overhere. Are those the ones that go 'tjirp, tjirp, tjirp' all night??


Nice memory, Patsy. I am surrounded by trees and in "big" years they are amazingly loud. We used to call them locusts, too.


As a child in Oklahoma long ago, I was fascinated by cicadas, which we wrongly called locusts. And I collected those shells. I don't remember what I did with them after gingerly removing them from tree trunks and elsewhere. ~Patsy

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