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Thank you so much, it warms us to see your beautiful puzzles!
And also thank you for your kind words of appreciation!

Since spring Stefan and Charlotte are off to new ventures outside of Jigidi, while Mette and I continue to run and develop Jigidi alongside our skilled team. We so appreciate hearing what parts of Jigidi you find most enjoyable and what it is you’re using Jigidi for (not ‘just’ the act of solving puzzles but also expressing yourself and connecting with each other). We will continue to care for Jigidi in the spirit you’re expressing - thank you and a very happy puzzling to you!
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  1. sparklightie9:12
  2. linda180211:48
  3. marisela11:53
  4. garebearrower12:07
  5. Robbos12:32
  6. jasonchung212:44
  7. PatriciaV13:11
  8. puzzeljac13:25
  9. siso14:22
  10. Dilubreuer14:52


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Thank u Magnus


I never could have predicted where Jigidi would take me, but the journey. and the friends made along the way, have been life-changing.


Irene, I am not exactly computer literate.

Just know the basics - the very simple stuff.


Thanks Jason, I am like porgy, computers are a mystery to me too. ☺


Glad to hear that things are working well for you, Irene :-)


No worries, Porgy :-)

All will be fine - very soon :-)


Ok mate, good luck. I don't know anything about computers. I guess my Apple one has flash. (I remember Flash Gordon!) Hee hee.


Thank you for your comment, Porgy.

That only works for puzzles that I have solved using Flash.

If I have solved a puzzle using Jigidi's, and view it from Completed Puzzles, once I press OK, all I see are puzzles pieces waiting to be pieced together instead of a completed picture.

Thank you so much for trying to assist :-)) I appreciate your kind gesture :-)

Suzy has informed me that Jigidi may be able to get rid of the bug in about a week's time and then we all can view our completed puzzles :-)


Jason, I don't understand that. I can look at any puzzle completed right back to 2011 without solving it again. You click on the 'puzzles' icon top left and a green bar comes on for postmarked, in progress, solved, user name. You click on any one and all the puzzles you want are there.


Thank you for your help Jason. Unfortunately I am still non the wiser as I press allow Flash daily but not to worry, that's just me. ♥☺♥


It is the one that Jigidi is currently working on to replace Flash.

I understand from Suzy that they are looking into how to view a completed puzzle (eg one that has been completed a few days ago) without having to solve it again.

So far, whatever that I was not very happy about, they have fix it. So the bugs are being cleared one by one.


Jason, what is the Jigidi puzzle solving programme. is it new?

I'm still not used to your new icon....I remember Mazy of past. :))


I am using the Jigidi puzzle solving programme now and it is working so much better.

I love it when all the pieces are automatically laid out and I do not have to find pieces among a heap of puzzle pieces. Less sorting to do.

Thank you, Magnus and the team at Jigidi for fixing some of the bugs :-)


Bev, by clicking on the red remove, you can remove a comment you made.


I am using Windows 10. Seems like can run into problems sometimes.


I run Safari on Mac and no troubles here. Hope it works out for you guys soon.


When I try the new system, I can solve puzzles, but I cannot create puzzles. So I am still using the old system (Adobe).


Bwahaha! Magnus! we know you're listening, and we're glad you are at the helm.

OOPS I am sorry about my typo Magnus.

Clive check out the message from Marcus. You mentioned about your Adobe Flash Player. Well as of yesterday and still I am having trouble with flash player. is not us, but Google. GRRRR!!!
Bev. 8-10-19....2:47pm.

Oh Magnus,
I have the problem of the flash player. I have not tried yet, I hope it works like it is supposed to.
I had a fit yesterday doing puzzles...Grr. Thank you for the information. Stay well. Regards to y our loved ones. I and we appreciate all the good work you do for jigida.!!!!Beverly 8-10-19

Jigidi staff

Thanks a lot for all your comments! I regret not being more active myself in the comments, but I do read everything you write to me. Something always seems more important when I'm at the computer (like Google blocking the Flash Player for example). I forget practicing that social medicine Mette was talking about last month on Jigidi Post.




Thank you Magnus and Mette and all the staff at Jigidi :-))

Best regards, Jason.


@Magnus - Thanks to You and Mette for our Most Beautiful Jigidi site - I so appreciate all the hard work you put into it and for the hours of fun you give us day and night and for the friendships we have established from all corners of the world. God Bless you and your family with good health and happiness xx with love @brightspark and @sparklightie (may you go from strength to strength)




I know, my dear friend, Ellen :-)))


Meant from my heart, Jason!


Thank you Ellen :-)


Sorry to say that I don't specifically remember who has asked about John, Mazy, but I'm sure there are many that try to keep up with how friends and friends of friends are faring. It's wonderful that you and John are both well and keeping each other on track. :o)


Thank you Mazy :-)


so glad to hear you are both doing OK. I know @PutterDutt will want to read this - wasn't there a few others asking after Jason, Ellen? Hopefully you remember who and can tag them in for this update of Jason's.

Love and hugs to the both of you as well!


Hello Mazy,

Thank you for your kind concern for John and me. Both of us are now doing relatively well.

I am still looking after John as he has a heart ailment. He took very good care of me when I was not feeling well a few years back. So, now it is my turn to return his kindness by looking after him though I do wish that I was granted a better way of being grateful and appreciative (ie I wish him to have good health and I repay his kindness in other ways). Naturally, I do not mind being his caretaker.

Do not worry about us. We will be fine.

Mazy, due to time constraint, it has been quite a while that I draw and post puzzles once a month only - on the first of every month @jasonchung2

I will continue to post and share puzzles once a month as my puzzle page (at all my puzzle sites at Jigidi) is a place where I can go to, relax and a place where I like to keep as happy and positive as possible. For me, it is a temporary refuge from the sometimes harsh realities of life.

I am also happy at my friends and Jigidiers puzzle sites.

Love and hugs from Jason and John.


@jasonchung2 it's nice to 'see' you, some of us have been missing you, and hoping you and dear J. are OK. We worry about both of you!


Thank you for the suggestion, Ank.

I will get hold of an email account in a few days' time and email Jigidi.

Best regards, Jason.


Hi Bev, I'm glad I could help you with it. ♥♥♥

Hi Ank
I just read your note to Jason, thank you for that information. Bev. 3-16-19...2:30pm



Jason, the best way to do this is:
Scroll down to the end of this page, there you see "Help", there under you see "support". Click on support ........
Now you see the page where you can write to Mette and Magnus.
You best copy (or cut) your letter and paste it there. Then in a few days you will get an email with your answer.
Good luck friend. ♥


Dear Magnus,

I have the following accounts with Jigidi -

jasonchung2 - where I post drawings and artwork of my of own.

jasonchung - where I post paintings and photos sourced from the internet.

jasonchung1 - where I post photos of flowers sourced from the internet.

jasonchung3 - where I share private puzzles with friends. There is just a few of such puzzles posted on a private basis and all the photos are clean ie, there is nothing objectionable, offensive, inappropriate or undesirable about them. All comments and conversations follow the rules of Jigidi as I do not like to discuss religious, racial, etc topics that Jigidi does not approve of.

Currently I am using jasonchung2 as my main account with Jigidi as I am more active at this account. When I have more time, I will post puzzles at jasonchung and jasonchung1.

I do hope that you will allow all my 4 accounts to remain with Jigidi (especially jasonchung2, jasonchung and jasonchung1 - I draw with my heart at jasonchung 2 and did a lot or research work at jasonchung and jasonchung1).

I do not troll anyone.

If I do not like puzzles which Jigidiers have tagged me to them, after a few more such puzzles, I will request that they delete my name from their tag list. So far, I have made 4 such requests and apparently all 4 persons have stopped tagging me to their puzzles. If it is public puzzles that do not appeal to me, I will not solve or comment on them.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards, Jason.


Yes, Sparky, it is. Thank you for your assistance. I appreciate it :-))

Best regards, Jason.


Hi @jasonchung2 this is what you were looking for regards bright xxx




hi magnus - i just read the new guidelines and am wondering if i will still be able to post on all 3 of mine? @brightspark, @sparklightie and @spaklies - of course mine is all innocent fun and i never ever troll - but i do know what you mean especially those that just appear for a day or two and post ugly puzzles or say ugly hurtful things


And that's so true. You said it right Nev (ulangariver). A big THANKS ♥♥♥


Thank you Magnus and team for so much enjoyment solving puzzles and also meeting so many friends around the world. Best wishes to you all!

You are such a nice man. I love this site. Thanks to my deceased sister in law. She was instrumental in me joining up. I love being here everyday. 3-13-19..5:10 P.M. USA


@Magnus I post under several names for my different themes or games. I only comment & solve using @wjl1015 and never "troll" or insult anyone!!


i also post - sure you know by now ☺☺☺ @brightspark and @spaklies xxxx


@Magnus Dear Magnus & Mette - I am so thankful for our beautiful Jigidi site that brings such joy and happiness and friendship to so many of us from all around the world - each and every day and way into the nights too. God bless Stephen and Charlotte in their new adventures and may You & Mette and your Wonderful jigidi team be continually blessed for all the hard work and love and caring you put into Jigidi. So sorry I only saw this now and wanted to express my extreme gratitude. I am definitely a Jigidi~Aholic and am so proud to be a solver and a creator - you have brought so much joy into my life ♥♥♥♥♥ God bless you always ☺☺☺


Magnus and Mette, all the progress of our civilization is based on happy ideas. Your happy idea that arose from sleep deprivation after the birth of your son brought a lot of pleasure to people around the world. Your son is already a big boy now, and your happy thought continues and develops further. You have united an incredibly large community of people based on decency and all the ideas you have put into your thoughts. Thank you, Mette and your team for a great job that brings joy and new friends to all of us. Thanks to you, the world is a more beautiful place to live. Deanna :))


Tillykke med fødselsdagen Magnus!

Tak for Jigidi - I have made some lovely friends here I would not ever have otherwise known. You have made a substantial difference in the world to so many people, provided hundreds of thousands with many hours of entertainment, and created a salon of sorts where people from all over the world can connect and learn from one another.

Don't ever forget what you have done for the world - it is incredible.


Happy Birthday, Magnus.

May you be blessed with a wonderful day.

Best regards, Jason.


Happy Birthday Magnus!

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts.

This goes on and on. Shakespeare---

Dear Magnus,
I have had this puzzle on bookmark. The last two months have saddened my life, but I will strive to look forward.
I am happy that you and your team, if I may use the term, will maintain jigida. I have met many friends. I wish you and yours happiness and wellness always.
Sincerely, Beverly 8-4-18...8:25 A.M.


So nice of you to continue maintaining Jigidi for us who find it so pleasurable! You are an angel and we wish you and your team more power!


A very big thank you from Val In New Zealand, new friends, new skills, new learnings all from your Jigidi thank you Magnus and Mette for carrying on the work all the best to Stefan and Charlotte☺☺☺


Thanks Magnus for telling us about the changes that have taken place within the Jigidi team. Until recently, I did not know that you were married and now we know that Mette is not only your life partner but also your partner in Jigidi. So first I want to welcome Mette warmly. As you probably know, I keep a birthday calendar and make a birthday card for the birthday party. I would like to add the date of Mette (if she wants).

Jigidi has enlarged my world. I have made many friends around the world. I have been so happy to get to know a few people personally. I even found a very good personal friend (Linda1802). I learned a lot, I even discovered that I am creative. Magnus, that sleepless night of yours has produced a lot of good.☺

I wish Charlotte and Stefan all the best on their new ventures.

Ank ♥


Great to hear you are back heading the site. I have always loved to do puzzles. My mother had a special table for a puzzle when I was growing up. When a friend sent a puzzle to me from Jigidi I was excited. Best wishes to Stefan and Charlotte hope their adventure in life is a wonderful one. Thank so much for all you and Mette do .. Pat (pkin38)


Thank you Magnus for taking time off your busy schedule to create and post a Thank You puzzle for all of us :-) I am grateful.

Jigidi has given me lots of fun and relaxation as I love piecing beautiful jigsaw puzzles together.

When I first clicked on Jigidi puzzle site, it was love at first sight.

I started out just solving puzzles, then progress to thank solvers and eventually made new friends who encouraged me to create an Avatar for myself. And then, they coax me to create puzzles, something that I have never done before. I tried and I am still a novice at it. However, it was great fun all the way. I am thankful to all who has encouraged me.

Thank you Magnus, Mette and the whole team at Jigidi for maintaining Jigidi and keeping it going for all of us to connect and communicate over the love of jigsaws and also to express our concern for each other. It means a lot of all of us.

All the best to Charlotte and Stefan on their new ventures.

All the best to Jigidi :-)

Best regards, Jason.


You're back at the helm of Jigidi, Magnus? That feels like when I very first found Jigidi, around 9 years ago. Remember those days when you would communicate with us through your blog? It seems like a lifetime ago. Specially the technology used. LOL!

I read your updated "about" page, and it reminds me of those early days too. Specially this bit:
"The most important inspiration towards this goal is you - our users. Your actions, remarks and wishes guide us in this endeavour."

Thanks. (❛ᴗ❛)


Hi Magnus. So glad that you and Mette are carrying on. As an older person (82) with limited mobility, Jigidi is the reason to get up in the morning and keeps me going through the day. I love the friends I have here and the opportunity to indulge in a little creativeness that I didn't know was in me. Always love the solving. Thank you and the best to Stefan and Charlotte....Ardy aka ringleader and ringleader 2.


Many Thank You Grins and Smiles! Much luck to Stefan and Charlotte in all their new ventures too. ☺♥☺


Hi Magnus. I am so pleased to hear that you and Mette are continuing to take care of our beloved Jigidi. I can only wish Stefan and Charlotte the best in whatever new endeavors they try. We set up Jigidi Appreciation Day just to let you know how very important Jigidi is in our lives. On vacations, I have met up with several Jigidis over the years and so have many others. It enriches our lives. Thanks.


Yes THANK YOU for the friends we have made, and the hours of entertainment your site has given us.♥


A HUGE Thank You for all you do!! :))


Magnus, once again a big thank you to all the team members in the hours spent that you have all created for our enjoyment☺☺

Jigidi staff

@BeeKay2 @puzzeljac @irisriver @jasonchung2 @cakes1947 @AuntieGator @pkin38 @brightspark @ringleader2 @sue1 @okieclem @esterosmall @Mazy

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