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1970's calendar

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Went to the Carlisle PA livestock auction tonight with a buddy and his son and walked into their office and saw two old 1970's calendars hanging there. Instantly knew it belonged on here. Have fun, Dave
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appletree, I just crossed over Prince street today. It's fun finding that type of thing out from other players. Have good weekend app, D


small world, Dclo. My childhood hometown (1950s) was Shippensburg. i went to the Jr. High School there in 7th grade, it was on Prince Street i think...and i believe it was turned into apartments. I also have relatives in Newville for all their lives; most are now deceased.

Kutztown soda is/was made by the Kutztown Bottling Company in Kutztown, Pa. about 20 miles from where I grew up. They had the best Birch Beer and White Birch Beer around. Apparently it is still around and being distributed by the Walnut Creek (Amish food brand) people. You might try looking for it. I am sure you will like it.
It is amazing how isolated some foods are in areas...when I was in Missouri they had never heard of Tastykakes... and that was in 2005!! It wasn't until Walmart started carrying the brand that areas outside of PA could get those yummy cupcakes.
It sounds like you are up to your eyeballs in work! Your puzzles of the new/old farm and the jobs you are doing are great! No need to mince words here, I like to read your comments. When I get on here late at night now I just read them and don't have time to do puzzles.*sigh*
We just sold our first frozen rabbits! Yeah!! We only had 5 that met the weight range that the customer wanted, but it is a start. And now if we only can sell about 200 more without putting any more money into the business, we should make a profit...LOL! Actually once we really get a breeding program organized and get some more breeding does, we should begin to recoup the start-up cost of making cages. It will happen in time, just like all farm projects.
I will make an effort to at least say hi more often, D. Gotta get a shower (with real running hot and cold water, even!!) and get some sleep because we are running to another appointment in the morning. Spent the day manning the library's book sale, so today was pretty well shot, except for the million and a half books we brought home to read.
Catch you later, D. M


Hi Merrie! That's a decent time on this one you speedster who took the very slow route to solving! What is Kutztown soda? I am also somewhat amazed at "the general publics lack of knowledge resulting in being clueless about Birch beer"? That's wrong wrong rwong! Like that move right there at the end? I have once again wondered where in the world you ran off to? It is good you are back. Painting work drying up around here so we have helped my bro on his new purchase of 119 acre farm. WOW it used to be beautiful but was let go. Tree trimming, fence row cleaning, chainsaw running, farmhouse gutting type of stuff. Ok for now. I am keeping the latest info to minimum to entice you to come back and say hello more. See you later M, D

I just have to think...Where is 'Lynn' today??? Love the old stuff you find, D. I started this 3 days after you posted it, got about 5 min on it, then about 2 days later got another 5 min and finally tonight I finished it!!! Sheesh after almost 2 weeks you wouldn't think I would get the fastest time, would ya?? LOL
Still crazy busy, but we took time off this weekend to go to the local Black Walnut Festival and eat FAIR FOOD!! One stand actually had Birch Beer and was surprised that we knew what it was!! My hubby informed her that he had been educated about birch beer in Kutztown, Pa... and she was surprised because she had been having to explain what it was to everyone else. I didn't think I was soooo far from Pa! lol Actually, when I lived in Missouri and Arkansas I really did crave all the Pennsylvania Food. Ring baloney, good pretzels, scrapple, A-Treat soda, Kutztown soda, and Tastykakes... I would load up once a year and savor my hoard all year. Funny how localized Birch Beer never think about it until you move away.
Have a great week, D. Tomorrow will see us running our butts off again. Catch you later (maybe). Be well! --M


That's cool apple tree. I'm up the road in shippensburg. A couple of months ago i met a woman from Newville who plays on here. Thanks for dropping in, Dave


nice. i live 18 miles from Carlisle, PA. :) Thanks for the memory.

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