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Wednesday's Flower

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Oh, whatnauts! I used to be so addicted to Tetris that I would go 24 hours sometimes with no food. I LOVED that game. I got carpal tunnel syndrome as a result. My puzzle solving though, damaged different parts of my hands, not the same parts that were involved with the carpal tunnel stuff. With the carpal tunnel syndrome I would sometimes wake up almost screaming in pain.

Thank heavens I discovered creating! I love it. :-)


My hand used to tense up when I was playing certain computer games (the kinds with different levels and restricted number of lives), as well as my whole body. I had to quit playing some of the games a couple of hours before bed time or else I wouldn't be able to sleep. So I know about being tense. I wouldn't even realize just how tense I was until after I had stopped playing or when I had lost and had to start over.

It's nice that you've discovered the creative side of puzzling so you can still be involved with Jigidi.


Thank you for responding, whatnauts. You're very wise to take breaks. I think that if I had done that, I would be in much better shape. And you're right. When I solved puzzles, my hand always tensed up....even though I often told my hand to relax....seriously. Whereas with creating the puzzles, my hand never tenses up, and I take lots of breaks. Continue solving the way you have been and you'll probably have many more years of puzzle solving time. :-)


Sore butt or sore neck, but never a sore hand. I solve pretty much in the same manner as you, I have no idea how often I zoom in and out. I would guess that the stress of being so fast might have put some pressure on your hand, as well as tenseness that may have contributed to the pain. I also take lots of breaks. During the weekdays I'm on Jigidi for less than 4 hours (less than 3 hours solving) and of course spend a lot more time on the weekends, but again with lots of breaks. Different people, different physical issues and who knows what will happen in the future.


What I don't understand, whatnauts, is why you, who solve so many puzzles, don't get a sore hand. All I can think is that when I solved puzzles I had to always drag the puzzle around as I put the pieces together. I couldn't just look at the pieces and move them...because I had to always zoom in and out and then put the completed part next to the pieces that might fit.


Well I enjoy the designs and it is one way to help with the bookmarks (when more than 1 size is posted), but my true love remains with the large puzzles.


whatnauts, in case you miss my last reply to you, I'll repeat- I think you've been having as much fun solving the small ones as you have had in solving the big ones in the past. :-)


Love this one (as you can see I'm a little behind). LOL


Katie and Ardy, yes, the flower was good because it was give a lesson in etiquette before I posted it. Good behavior is a necessity when flowers are bunched together in the flower patch. LOL

PJ, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Jill, I don't know if you saw this puzzle...but it was meant for you...

I LOVE Hello Kitty stuff! When my daughter tired of it, I stole all her Hello Kitty stuff. Please do check out the Playmobil sets. I think you'll end up liking them....and maybe your grandchildren too. ;-)


Gorgeous puzzle, Wendy. I love your color choices. BTW, I just now saw the comment you left on my lego puzzle. No, I have not seen the Playmobil sets. I'll have o look into that. I ordered my "Hello Kitty duplo sets from the UK. They don't make them in the US.


Fun and unusual design - and joyful solving!


Very good flower, Wendy. Love the colors. Thank you.


Hi Wendy, good flower!