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Deadman's Island

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Deadman Island is a 3.8 hectare island to the south of Stanley Park in Coal Harbour in Vancouver, British Columbia. The indigenous S?wxwú7mesh (Squamish) name is "skwtsa7s", meaning simply "island.". In addition to the Naval Reserve the facility houses a naval museum. The island is connected to the mainland of Stanley Park at low tide, as well as by a short timber-structure bridge
One of Vancouver's first white settlers, John Morton, visited the island in 1862. Morton discovered hundreds of red cedar boxes lashed to the upper boughs of trees and one had evidently fallen and broken to reveal a jumble of bones and a tassel of black hair. The island was the tree-burial grounds of the S?wxwú7mesh.
Settlers continued to use the island as a cemetery prior to the 1887 opening of Mountain View Cemetery. Between 1888 and 1892, Deadman Island became a quarantine site for victims of a smallpox epidemic and burial ground for those who did not survive.
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