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16 Of The Worst Snowstorms In US History

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Snow can turn a city into a magical winter wonderland, but it can also leave devastation and destruction behind. We take a look at some of the worst snowstorms in the history of the US.

The post-Christmas blizzard of 2010

Those who missed out on a white Christmas got more than their fill of snow when a blizzard carved a path of disruption along the east coast just after the festive season in 2010. Pictured here is West Village in New York, on December 27, 2010.
The storm featured a rare meteorological event known as thundersnow, where lightning and thunder are combined with heavy snow, rather than rain. New York's transportation system took a harsh battering, with some passengers being stranded on the subway for up to nine hours.


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Thanks Lorna, Suzy, Fran and LD for stopping by .. Hugs


Thought we are the only devastated by thunder storms and typhoons Pat...


I also didn't remember this one. All these 'worst U.S. snowstorms' that you've been showing us has me appreciating the 'normal' winters we're presently having. Thanks, Pat.


Being stuck on a subway would NOT be my idea of a good way to spend a blizzard!!!


Sounds horrific to be stuck in the claustrophobic subway for 9 hours. That was the year we had a heavy snowfall here - though nothing on this scale.


nanab .. I agree it might be of what you said .. But then sometimes I see it on TV once or twice .. :-)))


Could it be that we don't remember because it is happening more often now? I know I should have some memory of this, my husband remembers it.


That would be horrible for anyone .. I don't remember it either .. Hugs


I don't remember this and it was only 8 years ago. I can't imagine being stranded on the subway for so long. Subways don't have bathrooms like buses. Thanks, Pat.