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Dinner time

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You said "we." You and who?.

Yes, I'd like to read your story. I've sent you an email. Now I suggest you delete your last comment because it contains your email address--not a good idea. Then you can write a new comment without the email address.

You know how to tag someone. Did you know you can make a private puzzle, don't publish it, and tag someone you want to communicate with? I've just learned that recently and have used the trick a few times.

@beyondwords: We are without pets right now. Several years ago I wrote a short story about two dogs that I owned. One of them went to school with me. if you would like to read about these two dogs I can send it to you. Would need your email address. jim


We've seen you recently, but no recent photos of your wonderful fur family. Hoping all are okay. Can we see them again soon?


wow! los of adorable kitties :)

a cat afficionado that is.

you must be an afficionado


starcatlady6 I would think the 'fluffy' one eating from the bowl on the left near the cabinet could be a maine coon.


I love this photo! I have five kitties and want to add more but my husband isn't too wild about the idea. Feeding time is like a shark frenzy around here with cats meowing, jumping up and down, trying to reach the food etc.

That is Niko peeking around the corner, we think he is part Maine Coon. He is waiting for me to spoon feed him. Not to spoiled!


One cat was all I could handle in the house. When he started clawing the sofa he was outside for most of the day.


my house too but add several......I see someone peeking around the cabinet....a black and white possibly tuxedo...sweet pic starcatlady...kathleen


This looks like my house, just add 5 more! LOL

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