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Wednesday's Flower

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Exactly, Katie! Anyway, if dust was willing to comply with the law and leave all of us alone, we'd have a lot more time to create or solve puzzles. Regardless, for now, I mostly let the dust run amok.


Great idea to have a law against dust! I still have SO much cleaning to catch up with. I'm trying hard to do at least a little, and I hope sometimes a lot, every day. But it's so important to keep time for jigidi too!!!!


Hi Mary! I apologize for not making Thanksgiving puzzles too, but I spent the entire day cooking and cleaning. I'm glad that It's great to get back to Jigidi today. :-) And speaking of not being used to dancing, I'm not used to doing as much cleaning as I did yesterday. I think there should be a law against dust.


Oh, it's the Day Before Thanksgiving Flower Dance! Whew! I'm worn out, having not done daily dances in so long! So glad you're back! I'll get back in shape! Thanks, Wendy!


Mandy, I wasn't sure about the colors, but didn't feel like changing they are what they are. LOL


I am surprised at myself because I like this combination of colours so much, and I didn't expect to!!! Thank you. :~}


Ardy, tell me! What do you wish for? UH OH! I just thought of what it is. Let me guess. Flower wheels????? Tell me, even if I'm right. ;-)

PJ, OK....I've been planning on making a flower puzzle for Ardy, Katie, and Mary because they love the flower puzzles....but now I'm thinking that you do too. So maybe I'll make one for all of you.

Katie, thank you, dear. :-)


Hi Wendy, it's a happy Wednesday now! This is a great flower - thanks!


Oh Wendy - I just want to echo Ardy's fine comment.


Wendy's back. The flowers are back. I could wish for one thing more, but I won't. Thanks, Wendy. Hope you didn't overdo yesterday. You replied to a zillion comments. Everyone was so happy to have you back. I'll wish you a Happy Thanksgiving now just in case you're not around tomorrow. Hug.